We are Think Blue San Diego

We are Think Blue San Diego

Think Blue San Diego is the City of San Diego’s Stormwater Department with a mission to provide clean water and clean beaches. We operate a massive storm drain system that protects homes and businesses against flooding and work every day to uphold the Clean Water Act. Rainfall that enters the storm drain system is not treated and it collects pollutants from our streets and into local river, creeks, bays and, eventually, the ocean. Using innovation and proactive measures, we help prevent pollution and stop water waste. We are Think Blue San Diego.

Did You Know?

The City of San Diego's stormwater system is made up of


miles of pipe,


storm drains and outfalls,


pump stations and


miles of channels spread throughout the City.

The City’s fleet of


sweepers routinely cover


miles of streets, removing


pounds of trash and debris per year. That is the equivalent to the weight of

23 million

single use cups.

Our stormwater inspection and enforcement teams work hard to enforce our water quality. Teams investigated and eliminated


dry weather flows and performed


construction site inspections annually.


Lady and Water Container

Importance of Stormwater

San Diego’s landscape is defined by water with beaches and bays that are the envy of the world. It’s our job to protect that for future generations to enjoy. Our diverse neighborhoods, local wildlife and environment, and world-class recreation areas make the City of San Diego the ultimate place to live, work and play. Let’s work together to keep it that way.

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Water Monitoring

Stormwater Management and Infrastructure

Think Blue San Diego works to improve and maintain water quality, keep communities safe from flooding and provide community benefits through habitat restoration, clean streets and stormwater harvesting.

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Water Monitoring


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