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Kevin Christensen, JD, CFE Performance Auditor II

Performance Auditor II

Kevin Christensen joined the Office of the City Auditor as a Performance Auditor in December 2012, following the completion of a Juris Doctorate. Prior to joining the Office of the City Auditor, Kevin served as an Investigator at the Office of the San Diego City Attorney where Kevin led investigations in support of lawsuits alleging fraud, professional malpractice, false billings and unfair business practices which netted more than $3 million for the City of San Diego. During law school, Kevin served as a graduate student assistant at the California Department of Corporations where he worked on several enforcement actions seeking restitution for investors who were defrauded in investment schemes in violation of state financial laws. Kevin also worked as a reporter for the San Diego Daily Transcript where he covered local politics and land use issues.

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