Miramar Clearwell Improvements

Project Overview

This project is located at 10710 Scripps Lake Drive, San Diego, CA 92131. Built in 1959 and 1974 respectively, Clearwells #1 and #2 are nearing the end of their useful service lives. The clearwells provide storage of treated water prior to distribution in to the potable water supply system. This project will:

  • Demolish the existing clearwells, associated piping, and facilities;
  • Construct two new clearwells, associated piping, and facilities increasing the combined storage capacity to approximately 58 million gallons;
  • Construct a new Chlorine Contact Chamber with an adjoining lift station;
  • Construct a new maintenance building;
  • And install miscellaneous site improvements and a new guard shack

Anticipated Schedule

The estimated schedule for design, construction, and permitting for this project is approximately 6 years.

  • Construction Start: Early 2016*
  • Construction Complete: Early 2020*

*Dates are approximate and subject to change; please visit this web page regularly for the latest!

Project Budget

The project's planning, design and construction budget is $85 million.

Contact Us

For questions or concerns about the project, call the Public Works Department construction project information line at (619) 533-4207, email [email protected], or submit your inquiry online. Please reference "Miramar Clearwell Improvements" in your inquiry.