Construction Contracts FY2017

Construction Contracts FY2017

FY2017:   Construction Contracts awarded for a total value of  

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The requisite justification memo for all contracts identified below as sole-source contracts is included in the PDF document for each contract. It is available for viewing by clicking on the Contract Number for the desired project.

To comply with the requirements of Proposition A and the San Diego Sunshine Act, the contracts listed here are being made available to help ensure that the public has access to government information and policymaking information. These resources provide, in a searchable format, the text of all construction project contracts entered into by the City valued at more than $25,000, from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.

To view a contract, click on the Contract Number for the desired project.



Contract Number Contract Name Award Date Award Amount Contractor Number of Bidders Contact
PDF icon K-17-1468-DBB-3 Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation AE-1 3/16/2017 $4,394,016.50 Southwest Pipeline & Trenches 2 Southwest Pipeline & Trenches
PDF icon K-17-1508-DBB-3 Sidewalk Replacement Group 1601 3/08/2017 $836,257.40 Portillo Concrete, Inc. 9 Rosa Riego
PDF icon K-17-1424-DB2-3 San Ysidro Branch Library Design-Build Contract 2/08/2017 $10,300,000.00 Turner Construction, Inc. 2 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-17-1407-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation AG-1 2/23/2017 $3,360,976.50 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. 3 Michelle Munoz
PDF icon K-17-6782-DBB-2 Old Fire Station 29 Demolition and Temporary Park 2/7/2017 $397,953.00 Whillock Contracting, Inc. 5 Rosa Riego
PDF icon K-17-1460-DBB-3 Sewer and AC Water Group 776 2/2/2017 $7,700,000.00 PK Mechanical Systems, Inc.  8 Rosa Riego
PDF icon K-17-1434-DBB-3 CONCRETE STREETS PANEL REPLACEMENTS GROUP 1501 1/31/2017 $2,535,505.20 Dick Miller Inc.  8 Juan Espindola
PDF icon L-17-1524-DBB-2 Group Job 131 North Park DIF CR 1/30/2017 $125,235.00 Crest Equipment, Inc.  6 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-17-1501-DBB-3-A Water and Sewer Group Job 954 1/25/2017 $3,756,832.50  Burtech Pipeline, Inc. 5 Michelle Munoz
PDF icon K-17-6733-DBB-3 Southcrest Trails Neighborhood Park 1/13/2017 $1,659,956.00 Dick Miller Inc.  9 Rosa Riego
PDF icon L-17-1505-DBB-1 Via De La Valle Guardrail 1/12/2017 $64,980.00 A.B. Hashmi, Inc.  4 Michelle Munoz
PDF icon K-17-6865-SLS-1 Sole Source – Repairs at Storm Drainage Pipe at 2582 Manzana Way 1/4/2017 $100,000.00 TC Construction Company, Inc.  1 Michelle Muňoz
PDF icon K-16-6792 Reimbursement Agreement With Ryland Homes - Project 34-25C - Fairbrook Neighborhood Park Grading & Half-Width Street 12/20/2016 $175,000.00 Ryland Homes N/A Frank A. Romero
PDF icon K-17-1481-DBB-3 Ulric St. – Fashion Hills to David St. K-Rail (FHWA) 12/16/2016 $683,729.60 MTM Builders, Inc.  4 Rosa Riego
PDF icon L-16-1495-JOC-2 JOC (SLBE) B16 Building Improvements for Capital Improvements Projects Only 12/15/2016 $500,000.00 Moshiri Enterprises, dba Delta Builders 7 Juan E. Espindola
PDF icon K-17-1427-DBB-3 Sewer Group 835 12/7/2016 $2,501,954.50 KTA Construction, Inc. 3 Juan Espindola
PDF icon K-17-6849 Reimbursement & Park Development Agreement With Sunroad Centrum Partners, LP - Centrum Neighborhood Park Enhancements - Kearny Mesa 12/9/2016 $1,000,000.00 Sunroad Centrum Partners, LP N/A Frank A. Romero
PDF icon K-16-1335-DB2-3 Chollas Building Design- Build Contract 12/5/2016 $29,585,997.00  R.A. Burch/ECC JV 3 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-16-1431-DBB-3 Tierrasanta Pump Station 12/5/2016 $10,995,000.00 L.H. Woods and Sons, Inc.  4 Michelle Munoz
PDF icon K-16-1323-DBB-3-C Stadium Wetland Mitigation Project 11/4/2016 $3,741,518.95 Helix Environmental Construction Group, Inc.  4 Juan Espindola
PDF icon K-16-6728-EMR-3 Emergency Construction Services for: Sorrento & Alvarado Creek Concrete Channel Emergency Repairs 11/30/2016 $1,250,000.00 Granite Construction Company 1 Juan Espindola
PDF icon K-16-6779 Amended & Restated Park Development & Reimbursement Agreement - Pardee Homes - Project OM P-2 Dennery Ranch Neighborhood Park - Reimbursement Agreement # 444510 11/21/2016 $15,100,000.00 Pardee Homes N/A Frank A. Romero
PDF icon K-17-1498-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation AM-1 11/7/2016 $4,664,125.10 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 3 Michelle Munoz
PDF icon K-16-1487-JOC-3 (JOC) S16 Sitework for Capital Improvement Projects Only 10/31/2016 $5,000,000.00 Ramona Paving & Construction Corp. 3 Juan Espindola
PDF icon L-16-1425-DBB-1 Southeastern Obstruction DIF 13 CR 10/28/2016 $62,735.00 Vailston Company, Inc. 7 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-16-1363-DBB-3 Tecolote Canyon 8-inch Sewer Main Replacement 10/21/2016 $518,000.00 Blue Pacific Engineering & Construction  6 Rosa Riego
PDF icon K-17-1461-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation AI-1 10/19/2016 $4,256,682.50 Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corp. 3 Michelle Munoz
PDF icon K-17-1521-EMR-2 Emergency Construction Services For: 202 Coast Boulevard Beach Access Stair Replacement 10/17/2016 $250,000.00 J.R. Filanc Construction Company, Inc.  1 Juan Espindola
PDF icon K-17-6785-DBB-3 El Cajon Boulevard Pedestrian Improvement Project 10/13/2016 $496,355.00 Portillo Concrete, Inc.  7 Michelle Muňoz
PDF icon K-17-6796 Reimbursement Agreement with Scripps Mesa Developers, LLC  for the Mira Mesa Blvd Median (a Portion of Project 34-2B), Mira Mesa Boulevard and Hibert St Traffic Signal, and Erma Road Improvements in the Scripps Miramar Ranch Community 10/12/2016 $392,713.00 Scripps Mesa Developers, LLC N/A Frank Romero
PDF icon K-17-6693-DBB-3 City Heights Pedestrian Improvements Project (P1-P8 & East Euclid Ave) 10/10/2016 $2,480,243.00 Portillo Concrete, Inc.  2 Rosa Riego
PDF icon K-17-6755-DBB-2-A Memorial Park Community Building Clearance Activity 10/10/2016 $370,527.00 Whillock Contracting, Inc. 6 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-16-1233-DB2-3-A Mission Hills / Hillcrest Library Design - Build Contract 9/29/2016 $17,794,327.00 C. W. Driver 1 Rosa Riego
PDF icon K-16-1350-DBB-3 Alta La Jolla Drive Drainage Repair Ph2/ Landscape, Maintenance, Monitoring & Reporting 9/29/2016 $420,820.00 Habitat Restoration Sciences, Inc.   3 Michelle Muňoz
PDF icon L-17-6405-DBB-2 MOC 5 Material Bins 9/27/2016 $477,045.00 Valiston Company, Inc. 5 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-16-1473-DBB-3 Traffic Signal Upgrade And Street Light Installations 9/8/2016 $614,900.00 HMS Construction   5 Rosa Riego
PDF icon L-16-1358-DBB-2 South Mission Valley Trunk Sewer Accelerated Project 9/7/2016 $378,659.00 Blue Pacific Engineering & Construction 4 Michelle Muňoz
PDF icon K-16-6772 Reimbursement and Park Development Agreement - Pardee Homes - P-3.1, 43-15 & 43-19 Pacific Highlands Ranch Community Park & Recreation Building 9/6/2016 $27,236,000.00 Pardee Homes N/A Frank Romero
PDF icon K-16-1362-DBB-3 Sewer & Water Group 701 8/31/2016 $4,342,201.65 Ortiz Corporation 4 Rosa Riego
PDF icon L-16-1465-JOC-2 Job Order Contract (Joc) SLBE SS16 Sitework 8/15/2016 $500,000.00 Moshiri Enterprises dba Delta Builders 2 Michelle Muňoz
PDF icon K-16-1223-DBB-3 Tyrian St. and Soledad Ave. and AC Water Main 8/10/2016 $1,413,900.00 PK Mechanical Systems, Inc. 6 Juan Espindola
PDF icon K-17-6793-SLS-3 Sole-Source Construction Services For Mission Gorge Road Settlement Emergency 8/12/2016 $4,500,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation 1 Juan Espindola
PDF icon K-16-1419-DBB-3 SDPD Firing Range Recapitalization/Refurbishment 8/10/2016 $846,718.37 Atlas Development 2 Michelle Muñoz
PDF icon K-16-1451-DBB-3 Pacific Breezes, (Cesar Solis) Community Park 8/8/2016 $14,997,000.00 3-D Enterprises, Inc.  4 Rosa Riego
PDF icon K-16-6769-SLS-1 Cardinal Drive (2383) Storm Drain  Replacement Emergency Project/Landscape,  Maintenance & Reporting 8/8/2016 $175,000.00 Merkel & Associates, Inc.  1 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-16-1393-DBB-3-A Del Mar Mesa Neighborhood Park 8/2/2016 $1,526,569.10 Dick Miller, Inc.  5 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-16-1457-DBB-3-A Park De La Cruz Neighborhood Park Improvements - Phase I 8/1/2016 $3,409,940.00 California Skateparks 1 Michelle Muñoz
PDF icon K-16-1435-DBB-3-A Linda Vista Skate Park 8/1/2016 $2,986,000.00 California Skateparks  2 Rosa Riego
PDF icon L-16-1396-DBB-2 University Village Park Tot Lot 7/26/2016 $389,697.00 Atlas Development 5 Clementina Giordano
Emergency Storm Channel Debris & Sediment Clearing at Smythe Channel Culverts
7/13/2016 $750,000.00 A.B. Hashmi, Inc  1 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-16-1474-DBB-3 UUP Street Resurfacing And Curb Ramp Installation (Block 4AA Briarwood Rd National Ave I II Block 2E 30th St (3A) Block 2T) 7/13/2016 $4,878,421.00 SRM Contracting & Paving  2 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-16-1428-JOC-3 Job Order Contract - (JOC) Ml5 Mechanical Systems for Capital Improvement Projects Only 7/11/2016 $4,500,000.00 Ahrens Mechanical   1 Michelle Muñoz
PDF icon K-16-1421-JOC-3 Job Order Contract - (JOC) E15 Electrical Systems for Capital Improvements Projects Only 7/7/2016 $4,500,000.00 Global Power Group, Inc. 4 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-16-6756-SLS-1 Sole-Source Construction Services For Revegetation, Maintenance, And Monitoring For Alameda Dr. Storm Drain Emergency Replacement 7/7/2016 $100,000.00 Merkel & Associates, Inc.  1 Rosa Riego
PDF icon K-16-1395-DBB-3 Torrey Meadows Neighborhood Park 7/6/2016 $3,365,750.00 3-D Enterprises, Inc.  8 Juan E. Espindola
PDF icon K-16-1410-DBB-3 Larsen Field ADA Improvements Phase II 7/5/2016 $1,099,121.82 Atlas Development 4 Clementina Giordano

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