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Construction Contracts FY2018

Construction Contracts FY2018

FY2018:   Construction Contracts awarded for a total value of  

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The requisite justification memo for all contracts identified below as sole-source contracts is included in the PDF document for each contract. It is available for viewing by clicking on the Contract Number for the desired project.

To comply with the requirements of Proposition A and the San Diego Sunshine Act, the contracts listed here are being made available to help ensure that the public has access to government information and policymaking information. These resources provide, in a searchable format, the text of all construction project contracts entered into by the City valued at more than $25,000, from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.

To view a contract, click on the Contract Number for the desired project.



Contract Number Contract Name Award Date Award Amount Contractor Number of Bidders Contact
PDF icon K-17-1546-DBB-3 Remaining Small Diameter CI Water Ph1 9/20/2017 $2,326,386.29 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. 3 Antoinette Sanfilippo
PDF icon K-17-1488-MAC-3 Priority Sewer Main Replacement Group 16 (Task #6) 9/19/2017 $8,919,452.00 TC Construction Co. 4 Rosa Riego
PDF icon K-17-1437-DBB-3 Rose Canyon Trunk Sewer Joint Repair 9/08/2017 $6,933,254.00 Abhe & Svoboda, Inc. 4 Michelle Muňoz
PDF icon K-17-1583-DBB-3 Chollas Lake Playground ADA Improvements 9/07/2017 $1,721,625.91 Atlas Development 3 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-18-1602-EMR-1 Storm Drain At 5914 Agee Street (University City South Storm Drain Replacement) 8/30/2017 $200,000.00 J.R. Filanc Construction Company, Inc. 1 Juan E. Espindola
PDF icon K-17-1455-DB1-3-A Pacific Beach Library & Tierrasanta Recreation Center Roof & HVAC Replacement 8/29/2017 $2,491,188.00 Johnson Controls 3 Michelle Muñoz
PDF icon K-17-1534-DBB-3 Sidewalk Replacement Group 1602 8/25/2017 $838,838.00 Dick Miller, Inc. 5 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-17-1475-DBB-3 SPS 23T Reliability Improvements 8/07/2017 $1,497,193.00 SCW Contracting Corporation 2 Rosa Riego
PDF icon L-17-1511-JOC-2-A Job Order Contract (JOC) SLBE ES16 Electrical Systems 7/25/2017 $500,000.00 Ahrens Mechanical 2 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-17-1539-DBB-3 Park de La Cruz Neighborhood Recreation Center & Gym 7/21/2017 $7,788,000.00 USS Cal Builders, Inc. 3 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-17-1558-MAC-3-C Multiple Award Design-Build Contracts for Golf Course Improvement Projects 7/17/2017   Landscapes; Lexicon; Wadsworth 4 Rosa Riego
PDF icon K-17-1456-DBB-3 Pump Station 2 Power Reliability and Surge Protection 7/13/2017 $56,228,000.00 Steve P. Rados, Inc. 3 Michelle Muňoz
PDF icon L-17-1553-JOC--2 JOB ORDER CONTRACT (JOC) SLBE TS17 Street Lighting/Traffic Signals 7/10/2017 $500,000.00 Southwest Traffic Signal Service, Inc. 2 Antoinette Sanfilippo
PDF icon K-17-1531-DBB-3 Hawk Pocket Park Improvements (Formerly Guymon Park) 7/7/2017 $2,003,200.00 Fordyce Construction, Inc. 6 Angelica Gil

* NTE - Not-to-Exceed