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Construction Contracts FY2019

Construction Contracts FY2019

FY2019:   Construction Contracts awarded for a total value of  

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The requisite justification memo for all contracts identified below as sole-source contracts is included in the PDF document for each contract. It is available for viewing by clicking on the Contract Number for the desired project.

To comply with the requirements of Proposition A and the San Diego Sunshine Act, the contracts listed here are being made available to help ensure that the public has access to government information and policymaking information. These resources provide, in a searchable format, the text of all construction project contracts entered into by the City valued at more than $25,000.

To view a contract, click on the Contract Number for the desired project.



Contract Number Contract Name Award Date Award Amount Contractor No. of Bidders Contact
PDF icon K-19-1775-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation AP-1 12/13/2018 $2,027,181.79 Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corp. 3 Juan E. Espindola
PDF icon K-18-1691-DBB-3 Block 7G2 UUP 11/6/2018 $8,176,735.68 Southern Contracting Company 4 Juan E. Espindola
PDF icon K-17-1518-MAC-3 Multiple Award Design-Build Contracts (MACC) for Water, Wastewater, Stormwater Pipeline Projects 10/31/2018   Burtech Pipeline Inc.; KTA Construction, Inc.; Orion Construction Corporation; Shimmick Construction Company, Inc.; TC Construction Company, Inc.   Brittany Friedenreich
PDF icon K-18-1750-JOC-3 M17 Mechanical Systems 10/26/2018 $4,500,000.00 DuWright Construction, Inc. 2 Antoinette Sanfilippo
PDF icon K-19-1768-SLS-1 Wetland Restoration and Biological Monitoring Services for Famosa 10/23/2018 $170,000.00 Dudek 1 Antoinette Sanfilippo
PDF icon K-19-1719-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation AO-1 10/22/2018 $3,074,886.10 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 2 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-18-1555-DBB-3-A Van Dyke Storm Drain Replacement 10/19/2018 $979,077.65 Cass Construction Inc. 10 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-19-1764-DBB-3 DMP 1 & 2 Cycle Track Interim Implementation 10/19/2018 $2,011,719.53 Blue Pacific Engineering & Construction 1 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-18-1747-DBB-3 Balboa Avenue Corridor Improvements 10/8/2018 $1,394,999.41 Dick Miller, Inc. 6 Antoinette Sanfilippo
PDF icon K-18-1760-JOC-3 Job Order Contract (JOC) E17 Electrical Systems 10/8/2018 $4,500,000.00 Global Power Group, Inc. 3 Juan E. Espindola
PDF icon K-18-1755-DBB-3 Slurry Seal Group 1901 10/4/2018 $3,231,436.61 American Asphalt South, Inc. 3 Juan E. Espindola
PDF icon L-18-1733-JOC-2 SLBE TS18 Street Lighting/Traffic Signals 10/4/2018 $500,000.00 Southwest Traffic Signal Service, Inc. 4 Juan E. Espindola
PDF icon K-18-1711-DBB-3 Skyline Hills Community Park ADA Upgrades 9/14/2018 $1,674,620.00 Fordyce Construction Inc. 6 Brittany Friedenreich
PDF icon K-18-1761-DBB-3 Sidewalk Replacement Group 1603 9/11/2018 $881,231.00 LC Paving and Sealing, Inc. 3 Ron McMinn
PDF icon K-18-1543-JOC-3

SP17 Street Paving for Capital Improvements Projects Only (NORTH Of I-8)

9/6/2018 $10,000,000.00 TC Construction Company, Inc. 4 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-18-1543-JOC-3

SP17 Street Paving for Capital Improvements Projects Only (SOUTH Of I-8)

9/6/2018 $10,000,000.00 SRM Contracting & Paving 4 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-18-1732-DBB-3 Fire Rescue Air Operations Facility 8/24/2018 $3,214,544.00 EC Constructors 4 Brittany Friedenreich
PDF icon K-18-1586-DBB-3-A 101 Ash Street Tenant Improvements 8/21/2018 $17,080,261.00 West Coast General Corporation 3 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-18-1707-DBB-3 Miramar Landfill Gas Recovery Improvements 8/10/2018 $8,218,374.00 NEO San Diego LLC & Aptim Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. 1 Brittany Friedenreich
PDF icon K-18-1696-DBB-3 Concrete Street Panel Group 1601 8/10/2018 $2,535,450.00 Portillo Concrete, Inc. 5 Juan E. Espindola
PDF icon M-19-0001 CAB11 Re-Carpeting Project 8/9/2018 $20,013.10 Intersect Technology Institute, Inc. dba ITI Cabling, Inc. 1 Antoinette Sanfilippo
PDF icon K-18-1740-DBB-3 Rolling Hills Neighborhood Park ADA Upgrade 8/8/2018


JMJ Construction 8 Juan E. Espindola
PDF icon K-18-6888-JOC-3-A Work In Private Property For Utilities Underground 8/1/2018


Ramona Paving & Construction Corp. 3 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-18-1697-DBB-3 Rancho Mission Canyon Park ADA Upgrades 7/24/2018


R.E. Schultz Construction, Inc. 8 Angelica Gil
PDF icon K-18-1746-DBB-3 Palm Avenue Transitional Housing 7/18/2018


West Coast General Corporation 3 Antoinette Sanfilippo

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