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The requisite justification memo for all contracts identified below as sole-source contracts is included in the PDF document for each contract. It is available for viewing by clicking on the Contract Number for the desired project.

To comply with the requirements of Proposition A and the San Diego Sunshine Act, the contracts listed here are being made available to help ensure that the public has access to government information and policymaking information. These resources provide, in a searchable format, the text of all construction project contracts entered into by the City valued at more than $25,000, from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024.

To view a contract, click on the Contract Number for the desired project.

Contract Number Contract Name Award Date Award Amount Contractor No. of Bidders Contact
K-24-2251-EMR-3 4502 Rhode Island St Storm Drain 2/22/2024 $2,000,000.00 Cass Construction N/A Ron McMinn
L-24-2200-DBB-2-A Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve Phase II Enhancement Project 2/22/2024 $538,929.27 IO Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. 3 Abel E. Martinez
K-24-2227-SLS-1 PUD Fiber Optic Backbone at 20th and B St 2/19/2024 $85,000.00 Atlas Integrated Systems Inc. N/A Abel E. Martinez
K-24-2228-DBB-3 Asphalt Overlay 2200 (SS) 2/14/2024 $12,682,000.00 Eagle Paving Company, Inc. dba Toro Engineering 4 Brittany Friedenreich
K-24-1952-DBB-3-A EMTS Boat Dock Esplanade 2/7/2024 $1,563,875.00 HSCC, Inc 5 Rosa Riego
K-24-2213-DBB-3 Mission Bay El Carmel Comfort Station Improvements 1/31/2024 $2,253,353.22 Dick Miller, Inc. 6 Brittany Friedenreich
K-24-2240-DBB-3 Slurry Seal Group 2326 1/29/2024 $5,222,215.16 Pavement Coatings Co.  2 Juan E. Espindola


Sidewalk Replacement Group 1902B



Dick Miller, Inc

3 Rosa Riego


AC Overlay Group 2301



Martin Marietta San Diego Aggregates LLC dba ATP General Engineering Contractors

4 Ron McMinn


Sidewalk Replacement Group 1902A



Portillo Concrete Inc.

4 Juan E. Espindola
K-24-2243-SLS1 Fire Station 1 Backup Power 1/23/2024 $16,800,000.00 Cass Construction, Inc. dba Cass Arrieta 1 Juan E. Espindola
K-24-2223-EMR-3 Ellen Browning Scripps Park Slope and Storm Drain Emergency 1/23/2024 $1,600,000.00 Cass Arrieta N/A Rosa Riego


University City Improv 1



Ortiz Corporation

5 Ron McMinn


1391 Ava Street Storm Drain Emergency



TC Construction Co., In.

N/A Abel E. Martinez


Slurry Seal Group 2422



Pavement Coatings Co.

2 Juan E. Espindola


Nile Street Storm Drain Emergency



Cass Construction, Inc. dba Cass Arrieta


Juan E. Espindola

K-24-2204-DBB-3 AC Overlay Group 2302 12/192023 $6,570,683.41 TC Construction Company, Inc. 5 Juan E. Espindola
K-24-2171-DBB-3-A Streetlight Installations and Traffic Signal Upgrades 12/192023 $1,650,000.00 HMS Construction, Inc 2 Rosa Riego
K-24-2239-EMR-3 Pump Station 2 Sluice Gate 2 Emergency 12/142023 $850,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation N/A Rosa Riego
K-24-2202-DBB-3 Hodges Near-Term Repairs Improvement Project 12/12/2023 $1,790,690.00 Palm Engineering Construction Co., Inc. 2 Brittany Friedenreich
K-24-2241-EMR-3 Hermosa Way Storm Drain Emergency 12/6/2023 $2,750,000.00 TC Construction Company, Inc. N/A Ron McMinn
K-24-2225-DBB-3 Slurry Seal Group 2421 11/21/2023 $6,098,699.96 Pavement Coatings Co. 2 Juan E. Espindola
K-24-2226-DBB-3 Slurry Seal Group 2325 11/20/2023 $4,864,997.16 Pavement Coatings Co. 3 Brittany Friedenreich
K-24-2230-EMR-3 8519 Sugarman Dr Storm Drain Emergency 11/17/2023 $1,500,000.00 Orion Construction, Corp. N/A Abel E. Martinez
K-23-2191-DBB-3 Egger South Bay Community Park 11/17/2023 $4,242,271.00 De La Fuente Construction, Inc. 6 Ron McMinn
K-24-2242-EMR-3 1105 Sutter Street Storm Drain Emergency 11/16/2023 $750,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation N/A Rosa Riego
K-23-2168-DBB-3-C Lakeside Valve Station Replacement 11/1/2023 $43,981,000.00 J. R. Filanc Construction Co., Inc.  4 Juan E. Espindola
K-24-2194-DBB-2-A Smythe Channel and Via De La Bandola Channel Permittee Responsible Mitigation Project 10/31/2023 $1,605,500.00 Tri-Group Construction & Development, Inc. 4 Abel E. Martinez
K-24-2214-DBB-3 Slurry Seal Group 2324 10/27/2023 $5,635,527.14 Pavement Coatings Co. 2 Brittany Friedenreich
K-23-2140-JOC-3-A-N Job Order Contract (JOC) Street Lighting Traffic Signal (North) 10/20/2023 $15,000,000.00 HMS Construction 2 Juan E. Espindola
K-23-2140-JOC-3-A-S Job Order Contract (JOC) Street Lighting Traffic Signal (South) 10/20/2023 $15,000,000.00 CTE inc.  2 Juan E. Espindola
L-23-2188-DBB-2 South Chollas Creek and Paradise Canyon Open Space Wetland Mitigation Project 9/28/2023 $997,978.00 Tri-Group Construction & Development, Inc. 2 Juan E. Espindola
K-24-2199-DBB-3 Asphalt Overlay 2202 Phase I 10/13/2023 $7,372,927.75 Hazard Construction ENGR LLC 4 Ron McMinn
L-23-2195-DBB-1 Repair & Raise Existing M-10 Survey Monuments 10/13/2023 $131,270.00 A.B. Hashmi, Inc. 1 Brittany Friedenreich
K-23-2210-EMR-3 5995 Eldergardens St. Emergency  10/2/2023 $5,235,000.00 J.R. Filanc Construction Company N/A Rosa Riego
K-23-2126-DBB-3 El Capitan Dam Spillway Near-Term Repair 9/29/2023 $4,872,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation 5 Rosa Riego
K-23-2133-DBB-3 Morena Dam Spillway Near-Term Repair 9/29/2023 $4,087,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation 4 Juan E. Espindola

Mission Bay Athletic Area Comfort Station Modernization

9/25/2023 $2,242,777.77 Dick Miller, Inc 6 Rosa Riego
K-23-2032-DBB-3 Sidewalk Replacement Group 1903 – SE & CH 9/22/2023 $1,471,935.00 Portillo Concrete Inc 5 Rosa Riego
K-23-2174-JOC-3-N Job Order Contract (JOC) Sitework - North 9/21/2023 $10,000,000.00 Ramona Paving & Construction Corp. 4 Ron McMinn
L-23-2198-DBB-2 Mercado Dr at Del Mar Heights 9/21/2023 $929,990.00 Tri-Group Construction & Development Inc. 3 Brittany Friedenreich
K-23-2174-JOC-3-S Job Order Contract (JOC) Sitework - South 9/21/2023 $10,000,000.00 Dick Miller, Inc. 4 Ron McMinn
K-23-2181-EMR-3 Civic Parkade Emergency Repairs 9/19/2023 $900,000.00 TC Construction Co., Inc. N/A Rosa Riego
K-23-2205-EMR-3 Quince Drive Slope Emergency 9/18/2023 $2,200,000.00 Cass Arrieta N/A Rosa Riego
K-23-2209-EMR-3 12200 Escala Drive Storm Drain Emergency 9/15/2023 $1,280,000.00 J.R. Filanc Construction Company, Inc. 1 Juan E. Espindola


10428 Clairemont Mesa BLVD Storm Drain Emergency 9/13/2023 $2,100,000.00 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. N/A Abel E. Martinez


Aldine Dr Storm Drain Emergency 9/12/2023 $1,200,000.00 KTA Construction, Inc. 1 Juan E. Espindola

K-23-2178-JOC-3 - North

JOC Building Improvements – North 9/11/2023 $20,000,000.00 LDCO, Inc. 5 Brittany Friedenreich
K-23-2178-JOC-3 - South JOC Building Improvements – South 9/12/2023 $20,000,000.00 Exbon Development, Inc. 5 Brittany Friedenreich
K-23-2175-JOC-3-A Job Order Contract (JOC) Electrical 9/11/2023 $10,000,000.00 CTE, Inc. 2 Juan E. Espindola
K-23-2189-DBB-3 Slurry Seal Group 2323 9/8/2023 $4,691,456.30 Pavement Coatings Co. 2 Ron McMinn
K-23-2173-JOC-3-North Job Order Contract (JOC) Paving (North) 8/29/2023 $30,000,000.00 Hazard Construction Company 4 Juan E. Espindola
K-23-2173-JOC-3-South Job Order Contract (JOC) Paving (South) 8/29/2023 $30,000,000.00 Ramona Paving & Construction Corp. 4 Juan E. Espindola
K-23-2201-EMR-3 Gilman Drive Storm Drain Emergency Replacement 8/25/2023 $5,000,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation 1 Juan E. Espindola
K-23-2187-EMR-3 Barrett Rd Emergency Repair 8/21/23 $800,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation N/A Ron McMinn
K-23-2208-EMR-3 7671 Macaw Lane Storm Drain Emergency 8/4/2023 $1,131,200.00 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. N/A Brittany Friedenreich
K-23-2190-EMR-3 4304 Ebersole Drive Storm Drain Emergency 7/28/2023 $1,500,000.00 Cass Arrieta N/A Rosa Riego
K-23-2185-DBB-3 6933 Neptune Place Storm Drain Emergency 7/24/2023 $1,000,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation 1 Juan E. Espindola
K-23-2127-DBB-3 MBC Gas Detection System Replacement 7/14/2023 $3,907,010.00 Southern Contracting Company 2 Ron McMinn
L-23-2141-DBB-1 Aquarius & Camino Ruiz Traffic Signal 7/10/2023 $497,000.00 CTE Inc. 3 Ron McMinn
K-23-2073-DB1-3-A Miramar Place CNG Facility Upgrades 7/1/2023 $3,578,705.00 EFS West, Inc 3 Rosa Riego

* NTE - Not-to-Exceed

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