Minor Repair Contracts FY2024

Total Amount Awarded: $0.00

The requisite justification memo for all contracts identified below as sole-source contracts is included in the PDF document for each contract. It is available for viewing by clicking on the Contract Number for the desired project.

To comply with the requirements of Proposition A and the San Diego Sunshine Act, the contracts listed here are being made available to help ensure that the public has access to government information and policymaking information. These resources provide, in a searchable format, the text of all construction project contracts entered into by the City valued at more than $25,000, from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024.

To view a contract, click on the Contract Number for the desired project.


Contract Number Contract Name Award Date Award Amount Contractor No. of Bidders Contact
M-24-0067 1st Floor Police HQ Carpet Replacements 03/08/2024 $73,838.47 JT2 Engineering and Construction 5 Juan E. Espindola
M-24-0063 Skyline Rec Center Gutter and Downspouts 02/28/2024 $56,278.00 San Diego Sheet Metal Inc. 1 Juan E. Espindola
M-24-0061 City Heights & Mira Mesa Library Carpeting 02/09/2024 $183,779.62 Star Flooring & Remodeling 2 Ron McMinn

Greenbelt I Asphalt Pathway Project



A.B. Hashmi, Inc.

1 Juan E. Espindola

Fencing at 1801 Logan Avenue



Dick Miller, Inc.

1 Juan E. Espindola

Mission Bay Golf Course Driving Range Lighting Repair



Chula Vista Electric Company

N/A Juan E. Espindola