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Compliance Department

Compliance Department

202 C Street, 8th Floor, MS 8A
San Diego, CA 92101


The Compliance Department provides compliance and enforcement support for both internal and external stakeholders in the following areas: City wage laws and labor standards, the occupational safety and health of City staff, City responses to internal and external audits including Grand Jury reports with recommendations for the Mayor or Mayoral departments, and compliance with external agency regulations. The Department houses the Administrative Hearings program that provides appeals services to City departments as well as the City’s Title VI program that works to ensure residents accessing City services will not face discrimination on the grounds of race, color, or national origin.

Enforcement of the City’s Living Wage, Prevailing Wage, and Minimum Wage and Earned Sick Leave Ordinances are provided by the Compliance Department’s Office of Labor Standards and Enforcement (OLSE). OLSE staff ensure compliance with City wage ordinances by responding to complaints; conducting site visits and investigations; and, for those City contracts subject to Living and Prevailing Wage Ordinance requirements, conducting payroll monitoring. Please select the Minimum, Living, or Prevailing Wage tabs above to learn more.

Title VI resources, including an online complaint form and program contact information, can be found under the Title VI tab.


    Title VI Implementation Plan

    The City's Title VI Implementation Plan describes elements of the City's Title VI Program and provides the policy direction necessary to ensure compliance with Title VI.

    Read the plan