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Traffic Control Worker
Prevailing Wage Ordinance

The City of San Diego Traffic Control Worker Prevailing Wage Ordinance, San Diego Municipal Code (SDMC), Chapter 3, Article 10, Division 1, became effective on October 18, 2023. It is applicable to traffic control workers whose duties include stopping, slowing, or otherwise guiding, directing, or controlling traffic as required by a City of San Diego public right-of-way permit under SDMC Chapter 12, Article 9, Division 7.

  • To confirm if work is completed within the City of San Diego, enter the work location into this geographic boundaries map.
  • For information on Traffic Control Permits, contact the Development Services Department.
  • The Ordinance applies only to covered work, which includes stopping, slowing, or otherwise guiding, directly, or controlling traffic, completed pursuant to a City of San Diego Public Right-of-Way Permit.
  • Prevailing Wage Rates: All employers subject to the Ordinance must pay each traffic control worker no less than the prevailing wage rates as shown below, unless an exception applies:

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To establish a minimum wage for workers engaged in stopping, slowing, or otherwise guiding, directing, or controlling traffic on City of San Diego streets and public rights of way, under a City issued Public Right of Way Permit. SDMC § 310.0101.

Applicability of the Ordinance

Public Right-of-Way Permit for traffic control is required for all public improvement projects, construction projects and other work which encroaches into the public right of way, including the sidewalk area per SDMC § 129.0702. Any Public Right-of-Way Permit that includes a traffic control plan must include the requirement to pay at least the prevailing wage to traffic control workers, unless an exception applies. SDMC § 310.0107(a).

Exceptions to the Ordinance

The following are exempt from the Ordinance (SDMC §310.0105):

  1. Construction, renovation, or repair of a single-family home or duplex.
  2. Any project costing $1,000 or less.
  3. Work done by an employee of a gas or utility company, where the employee performs one hour or less of traffic control work per workday or shift.
  4. When prohibited by law, or by state or federal funding source requirement.
  5. Public agency employees performing traffic control for a public agency.

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For information on prevailing wage requirements on City of San Diego public works projects, please see information provided by Prevailing Wage (Public Works).