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Office of the City Clerk

Medical Marijuana Task Force Committee


To advise the City Council on: 1) Guidelines for Medical Marijuana patients and primary caregivers; 2) Guidelines for the structure and operation of medical marijuana cooperatives and/or collectives; and 3) Guidelines for Police Department enforcement regarding medical marijuana. The Task Force guidelines recommendations must fall within the California Attorney General's Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use, published in August 2008.


Appointed by the City Council


One (1) Year Term expiring 10/13/2010


Eleven (11) members

Councilmembers considered potential appointees with he following backgrounds: medical marijuana patient; social service provider from the substance abuse prevention community; legal professional; medical doctor or medical professional' medical marijuana collective or cooperative director; community planner; small business owner; law enforcement; land use professional; and member of the community at large.


Charter Section 280(a)(1); Council Policy 000-16; R-305305

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