San Diego

Military 1850 - 1966


“A communication was received from his honor, the Mayor requesting the co-operation of the Board in a protest to Brigadier General Riley conducing this Military Division, in relation to the Military reserve at the Playa of San Diego.…”
By Resolution the Council agreed to unite with the Mayor in such protest.  June 17, 1850

PDF icon Minutes and Ordinances 1850 - 1874

Due to its strategic location on the Pacific Coast, its proximity to the international border and the protected naval anchorage, San Diego was a primary base of operations for the Army in the 19th century.  In 1868 the City Council granted significant portions of Point Loma, to the Federal Government guaranteeing continual interactions with the military. 

In the 20th century, military operations expanded in San Diego with a major naval presence supplemented by marines and air bases.  In the 21st century Naval Base San Diego is the principal homeport of the Pacific Fleet.


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