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Mt. Hope Burial Registry 1868 - 1970

Mount Hope was founded in 1869 and opened in 1871 when a citizen committee was formed and given the task of establishing a new municipal cemetery for the City of San Diego. The committee was led by Alonzo Horton, who is widely regarded as the father of modern San Diego.

The Mount Hope Burial Registry contains some of San Diego's most notable citizens, founding fathers and pioneers that have made many substantial contributions to the early formation of San Diego.

Notable interments

E.S. Babock (1848-1922), real estate mogul, built the Hotel del Coronado

Samuel Brannan (1819-1889), early Mormon pioneer, first millionaire of the California Gold Rush, member of San Francisco’s first city council

Hick Carpenter (1855-1937), American baseball player

Raymond Chandler (1888-1959), author of crime stories and novels, created detective Philip Marlowe

Charles T. Hinde (1832-1915), industrialist, riverboat captain, businessman, and original investor of the Hotel Del Coronado

Alonzo Horton (1813-1909), founder of modern San Diego, namesake of Horton Plaza

Alta M. Hulett (1854-1877), one of America’s first female attorneys

John F. Kinney (1816-1902), American attorney, judge and politician

George Marston (1850-1946), involved with establishing Balboa Park, the San Diego Public Library System, and the Serra Museum

Kate Morgan (1865-1892), Iowa woman who died under questionable circumstances and thought by some to haunt the Hotel Del Coronado

Ah Quin (1848-1914), merchant, farmer and leader in the Chinese Mission

Kate Sessions (1857-1940), San Diego’s pioneering horticulturist

Walter R. Taliaferro (1880-1915), aviator

Thomas Whaley (1823-1890), early settler

Robert Waterman (1826-1891), Governor of California from 1887 to 1891