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Ethics Commission

Major Funding of Campaign Committees

This page identifies the individuals and entities that, as of July 16, 2024, have contributed $10,000 or more to a committee primarily formed to support or oppose a candidate or ballot measure in a 2024 City of San Diego election. 



Committee Name:  Big City San Diego Supporting Todd Gloria for Mayor 2024

Name of Major DonorEmployerDonations
Monarch Housing Solutions, Inc. N/A$10,000
Klein Financial CorporationN/A$10,000
Affirmed Housing Group, Inc. N/A   $10,000
San Diego Lodging Association Issue Advocacy PACN/A$10,000
Building a Stronger California Sponsored by Western States Regional Council of Carpenters N/A$10,000
Mark AraboN/A$10,000

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Committee Name: Libraries and Parks for All, Sponsored by the San Diego Public Library Foundation and the San Diego Parks Foundation

Name of Major DonorEmployerDonations
Protect Neighborhood Services Now, Sponsored by the San Diego Municipal Employees AssociationN/A$10,000+
San Diego Public Library Foundation N/A$30,000+
Katherine JohnstonN/A$10,000+
Hamilton LesterRetired$10,000+
Lynn GorguzeOwner, Cameron Holdings$10,000+
San Diego Parks FoundationN/A$10,000+
Balboa Park Cultural PartnershipN/A$10,000+
Pam Hamilton LesterRetired$10,000+

Committee Name: The San Diego Safe Shelters and Clean Street Act

Name of Major DonorEmployerDonations
California Business Roundtable PACN/A$7,500

Committee Name: Homes for All San Diego, sponsored by Homes for San Diegans 

Name of Major DonorEmployerDonations
Wakeland Housing and Development Corp.N/A$10,000
Community Housing WorksN/A$10,000
Andrew BalesterN/A$50,000
PATH VenturesN/A$10,000+

Committee Name: San Diego for Better Healthcare, Sponsored by Service Employees International Union - United Healthcare Workers West 

Name of Major DonorEmployerDonations
SEIU United Healthcare Workers West Political Issues CommitteeN/A$10,000+

Committee Name: Power San Diego

Name of Major DonorEmployerDonations
Bill PowersPowers Engineering$50,900
Protect Our Communities FoundationN/A$80,000
Charles J. SmithN/A$10,000
Mark K. HughesN/A$21,000

Committee Name: Yes! For a Better San Diego - Sponsored by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, ALF-CIO, and Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

Name of Major DonorEmployerDonations
Hilton San Diego BayfrontN/A$10,000+
Hotel Circle Property, LLC d/b/a Town and Country Resort and Conference Center N/A                 N/A$10,000+
Marriot International, Inc./Marriot Business ServicesN/A$10,000+
Rancho Bernardo InnN/A$10,000+

Committee Name: Penny for Progress

Name of Major DonorEmployerDonations
 Michael GeflandCampland LLC$10,000+
San Diego Police Officers Association PACN/A$10,000+
San Diego City Firefighters Local 145 PACN/A$10,000+
CPM LTD INC. d/b/a ManpowerN/A$10,000+
Ace Parking Mgmt. N/A$10,000+
HNTB CorporationN/A$10,000+
FHM Asset MGMT Inc.N/A$10,000+
Elevation Entertainment Group N/A$10,000+
Sarah KruerMonarch Housing Solutions LLC$10,000+



Committee Name: Responsible Energy San Diego; AD Committee's Top Funder San Diego Gas and Electric Company

Name of Major DonorEmployerDonations
San Diego Gas and Electric CompanyN/A$10,000+

The data on these charts is derived from campaign statements filed with the San Diego City Clerk and other information provided by the applicable campaign committees. A contribution shown with a "+" indicates that the donor may have contributed in excess of the amount shown; the exact amount will be posted after the committee files its next campaign statement.

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