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Ethics Commission


Online Filing: All Registration Forms and Quarterly Disclosure Reports must be filed electronically. For assistance accessing the City's electronic filing system, contact the City Clerk's Office at (619) 533-4000.

Training Program for Lobbying Entities: Free online training is available to lobbying firms and organization lobbyists seeking guidance on how to properly complete quarterly disclosure reports. Email the Ethics Commission at for more information.

Relevant Documents

Filing Guidelines

Instructions for completing and filing Registration Forms and Quarterly Disclosure Reports are contained within the City's electronic filing system. The following guidelines are intended to supplement the online instructions and provide a greater understanding of the Lobbying Ordinance's disclosure requirements.

Lists of City Officials

Use these lists for guidance when completing Schedule A or Schedule A-1 of your Quarterly Disclosure Report.

Summaries of Lobbying Activity

Historical Lobbying Ordinance Information

For memorandums, draft amendments and ordinances pertaining to past versions of the Lobbying Ordinance, please visit the Ethics Commission's Lobbying Ordinance History page.