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Fire-Rescue Department

Lifesaving Intervention for Treatment

LIFT stands for Lifesaving Intervention for Treatment. The LIFT Program was originally created under the City Attorney’s office to reduce the number of calls received from high utilizers the 9-1-1 system in the city of San Diego. At that time, referrals were primarily from the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department’s Resource Access Program team. LIFT has now evolved to include referrals from additional City entities such as the San Diego Police Department’s Neighborhood Policing unit, Homelessness Strategies and Solutions as well as the City Attorney’s office. The LIFT Program resides under the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department’s Emergency Medical Services Division.

The goal of LIFT is not only to reduce the costs to emergency service providers and the City, but also to connect the referred patients to the most appropriate levels of care. Most of the patients referred to LIFT are cycling from the streets to emergency departments and jails. Our LIFT patients often have co-occurring physical and mental health issues in addition to housing instability; and some are also struggling with substance or alcohol use disorders. LIFT assists with reconnecting patients to appropriate services, supports and treatments. At times, those service connections are not enough to meet the complex needs of the patient so LIFT will refer those patients to the County of San Diego for further support up to and including probate conservatorship.

Our LIFT team includes multiple City agencies, as well as contracted physicians and outreach. We believe our unique collaboration is what makes LIFT an effective system of care. Our goals and vision reflect the City’s Strategic Plan and our focus is serving the entire community of San Diego by advocating for the needs of its most vulnerable citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions about LIFT

What is the goal of the LIFT program?

Founded in 2021, LIFT’s mission is to help activate service pathways for San Diego’s most vulnerable residents. LIFT bridges gaps in services through collaborative efforts that slow the revolving door between the hospitals, jails and streets.

How does LIFT incorporate ‘person-centered’ care?

Connecting with the patient and learning their story and preferences is always a top priority. When LIFT receives a referral, our team makes connections for the patient to any eligible services available. If it is determined that the level of care connections is not enough to properly support the patient, we then elevate the case based on the needs of the individual. We also collaborate with City of San Diego agencies, the County, non-profit organizations and any applicable family or support system to develop a person-centered plan for stabilization, which can include petitions for CARE Court, and probate conservatorship when applicable.

What else is LIFT doing to help San Diego communities?

LIFT has been invited to participate in the development of legislation drafted to improve mental health services in the state of California. Our unit has worked to increase public awareness of issues surrounding the mental health and housing crisis and will continue to work towards advancing positive social change for the most vulnerable within our community.

How can my client, or loved-one receive services from LIFT?

We currently do not receive referrals directly from the community, but we do review requests for assistance on a case-by-case basis when applicable. If you have a client or loved one who may benefit from additional supports, please see a list of local resources that may be able to assist. 


Conservatorship Clinic - Legal Aid Society of San Diego

Provides help and information on the process to petition the court for Conservatorship of the Person. The clinic helps participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Legal Aid can only help if you are not represented by a lawyer. They also provide information regarding alternatives to Conservatorship.

Go directly to our walk-in Conservatorship clinic location to get information, education, and assistance completing paperwork related to the Conservatorship process.

No appointment is needed, and services are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Central Courthouse
1100 Union Street, Room 671 (in between Dept. 603 and 604)
San Diego, CA 92101

Elder Law & Advocacy  

Offers legal services to qualifying seniors over 60 on topics such as Advance Health Care Directives, Age Discrimination, Consumer Protection, Contract Disputes, Elder Abuse, Health Care Legal Issues, Medicare and Long-Term Care Insurance, Nursing Home Rights, Power of Attorney, Restraining Orders, Social Security and Tenant/Housing Issues.

San Diego office: 858-565-1392
Imperial County office: 760-353-0223

San Diego Public Guardian Request for Conservatorship Investigation

San Diego Access and Crisis Line 888-724-7240

Confidential and free of charge, the San Diego Access and Crisis Line (ACL) serves as the local crisis call center and is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ACL offers crisis support and helps facilitate connections to behavioral health resources for you or your loved one, including:

  • Suicide prevention and crisis intervention
  • Mobile crisis response services
  • Alcohol and substance use referrals
  • Mental health referrals
  • Community resources
  • Other supportive services