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Photo of Firefighters Removing Charred Items

Photo Courtesy of Keven Smith

The Red Guide to Recovery is a good resource for gathering the information you need if you have had a fire or natural disaster emergency.

Obtaining Reports

If you have had a fire or medical emergency, you will need a report of your emergency for insurance purposes.

For a copy of a fire report, call the Fire Incident Clerk at 619-533-4300. A report that involved an investigation costs $7.00, and requires a subpoena. A report without an investigation costs $5. The report will be sent approximately one week after the payment is received.

If you are the patient involved in the transport and you would like a copy of your medical report, please call toll free (888) 876-0740 for information and instructions on obtaining medical records. Medical records are released only to patients unless there is a subpoena or court order for the release.

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