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Fleet Operations

About Fleet Operations

Established as a department in Fiscal Year 2017, the Fleet Operations Department manages the maintenance, service, repairs, washing, fueling, replacement and disposal of the more than 4,200 City fleet vehicles and motorized equipment used by all City departments. These include vehicles and equipment such as sedans, light and heavy duty trucks, trailers, tractors and miscellaneous motorized equipment.

Comprised of an approximate 200-member team, the Fleet Operations Department:

  1. Works with individual City departments to acquire or purchase the most cost-effective and productive vehicles and drivable equipment needed to help meet each department’s mission.
  2. Conducts the disposition of retired vehicles and replacement of all department vehicles or motorized equipment that are unable to be cost-effectively repaired or meet City goals. This includes converting the existing fleet into an environmentally friendly one in accordance with the City’s Climate Action Plan.
  3. Provides quality in-house preventive maintenance, mechanical repair, state inspections, vehicle emissions testing and lubrication of all City vehicles and mobile equipment. It also purchases or salvages the needed parts and accessories, conducts metal repair and fabricates parts for required repairs.
  4. Operates maintenance, repair, car-washing and vehicular storage facilities that are operated 24/7, ensuring the City’s fleet of vehicles continue to provide essential citywide public services.
  5. Manages the operation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), renewable diesel, propane, and gasoline citywide fueling stations.
  6. Oversees the fuel management and fuel-related consumables tracking and reporting of each City vehicle.
  7. Administers a sustainable motor pool of shared vehicles that can be reserved and checked out by City employees on an as-needed basis to conduct City business.
  8. Delivers classroom and hands-on training for automobile and equipment operators.