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Homelessness Strategies and Solutions

Family Reunification Program

Man speaking to Family Reunification Programs staff members

The Family Reunification Program is operated by Downtown San Diego Partnership and is a hybrid outreach, services and rehousing program.

The program reconnects individuals experiencing homelessness with their families and loved ones willing to provide stable living environments, by helping participants build support systems and establish links to long-term housing.

The program forms part of the City’s outreach and diversion efforts, as it allows teams to reach individuals early in their homelessness to help provide solutions and ensures their instances of homelessness are brief and non-recurring. The program also monitors the participants’ progress to determine long-term success.

How It Works


Person is contacted via street-based outreach or other homelessness program.


Case manager assists them in obtaining basic needs services and assessing housing options.


Case manager helps connect with family, friends or loved ones who can provide a stable living environment.


Individual is provided transportation to reconnect to their family, friends or loved ones.


Case manager conducts check-ins at three months, six months, and 12 months after reunification to ensure housing stability and long-term success.