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Homelessness Strategies and Solutions

Success Stories

These are the stories of the countless individuals who have been helped through services and programs offered in the City of San Diego. Each person featured here consented to sharing their story. 
  • Success Stories - Albert


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    Success Story - Albert

    Albert struggled with cycling between prison and homelessness due to substance use issues nearly his whole life. His last incarceration prevented him from being by his moms side when she was passing, and that was what pushed him to pursue sobriety. Upon being released from jail, Albert checked himself into a sober living facility and began his road to recovery. Albert is now sober, has a job and in February moved into a home at Father Joes Saint Teresa of Calcutta Villa. Albert said, After 40 years, I finally have a secure place to lay my head at night. Congrats, Albert!

  • Success Stories - Anthony


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    Success Story - Anthony

    Our Homelessness Response Center is a central hub for connecting people to services and shelter. Anthony has been homeless on and off since he was 16, bouncing between the streets, jail and rehab. After getting into an Alpha Project Shelter and working with employment specialists, he now has a job and is working to clean his record, find housing and further his career to maintain a better life for himself.

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    Success Story - Bruce

    Bruce served in the United States Army and has been homeless for the past two years after losing his job and his home. Through word of mouth on the streets, Bruce got introduced to Alpha Project Outreach Teams. He is now working with his case manager to find his new home and a job to keep him on his feet.

  • Byron


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    Success Story - Byron

    Byron is an honorable war veteran that fought for our countrys freedom. After retiring from the military, Byron faced many obstacles, including substance abuse and incarceration which ultimately led to his homelessness. Feeling lost and hopeless, he knew it was time to find shelter and get well. Byron contacted the Alpha Projects Outreach team and secured a bed at the Harm Reduction Shelter. While at the shelter, he participated in the weekly support group, Wheels of Change, and was always willing to volunteer around the shelter. TheCase Management team assisted Byron in developing a recovery plan, connecting with the VA, and finding employment. Before departing the shelter Byron received rental assistance through a VASH voucher. In June 2022, hesigned the lease to his new studio apartment in the Point Loma area. Byron plans to continue to work on his recovery, maintain employment, and give back to the community.

  • Cheryl


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    Success Story - Cheryl

    Cheryl has been experiencing homelessness off and on for over a decade living on the streets, in tents and in shelters. Cheryl says since she began her most recent stay in one of the Alpha Project shelters, she has found the stability she was looking for. Were proud to share that she was matched to housing and is excited to be moving into a place of her own. Good luck, Cheryl, on the next chapter of your life!

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    Success Story - Curtis

    Curtis is a senior citizen whos experienced waves of homelessness for the last 10 years. Hes coped with unlawful eviction, a motor home that went dead, his car catching on fire leaving him and his fur baby, J-Lo, without shelter. His luck took a turn when he secured shelter with Alpha Project at Operation Shelter to Home at the San Diegos Convention Center. This March, he was finally matched with an Emergency Housing Voucher and is now in a safe place with his fur baby, J-Lo.

  • Success Stories - Dani


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    Success Story - Dani

    Dani has overcome so much to secure her very own place in Spring Valley. While at an Alpha Project shelter, she worked to heal from LGBTQ discrimination and trauma, build income, engage with landlords and regain her independence. Dani stated she felt blessed to be protected by Alpha Project and have found a home.

  • Danial


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    Success Story - Danial

    Domestic violence has led to Danial experiencing homelessness off and on for the last four years. Getting into the Alpha Project shelter through outreach teams, Danial has now landed a management-level job and is working to better his situation. Danial is focusing on excelling at his new job, continuing to pursue his music, and saving for an apartment of his own.

  • Success Stories - Diana


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    Success Story - Diana

    After losing her home due to limited income and medical issues, Diana found herself displaced. Outreach teams connected with Diana to get her into an Alpha Project shelter. She is now enrolled in classes at City College, leading a healthier lifestyle and enjoying singing with Voices of Our City Choir.

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    Success Story - Donald

    Donald was only back in the states for a week before he found himself homeless. The Homelessness Response Center was able to get him placed in a shelter run by Alpha Project where he got his documentation in order, found a physician and made some new friends. Donald is now living at Zephyr, a supportive housing complex for veterans. Congratulations, Donald, on your new home!

  • Success Stories - J.S.


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    Success Story - J.S.

    A couple days ago, J.S. was sleeping on an I-5 pedestrian bridge. Our @CityNetSoCal outreach was able to connect with him and get him into our Golden Hall Shelter where he will work toward permanent housing. J.S. was grateful, and wanted to share his story.

  • Success Stories - Jackie


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    Success Story - Jackie

    Jackie has been homeless for the past three years. Thanks to outreach teams at PATH, she was able to get connected with Alpha Project where she got received her social security card, I.D, clothes, and a safe place to stay. Jackie was matched to housing and has plans to get a car and build a better relationship with her
    daughter and son.

  • James


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    Success Story - James

    Veteran James had experienced homelessness for nine months in San Diego when he found Alpha Project. While at one of the Citys shelters, James was able to get his ID, social security card, bank account and work to support himself again. James has found housing at the Alpha Lofts and plans on going back to school. Thank you, James, for your service and we wish you the best of luck in your future!

  • Success Stories - Karla


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    Success Story - Karla

    Karla says she felt instant relief upon entering the Alpha Project bridge shelter. She had experienced varying degrees of homelessness since 1998, but now is living with friends, working on her sobriety and purchased her own vehicle for the first time!