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Homelessness Strategies and Solutions

Get Assistance

List of Shelter or Services

211 San Diego

Find a temporary or transitional place to stay for homeless individuals.

Report Mental Health, Drug or Alcohol Crises

Contact the Mobile Crisis Response Teams (MCRT).

What to expect after contacting MCRT

What to expect after contacting MCRT

Using highly-informed criteria, the dispatcher will assess the situation and determine if MCRT or another responding agency, such as Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) or law enforcement, are the appropriate response.

Response times are based on the availability of a team to respond and are prioritized depending on the urgency of the call.

MCRT will talk with the individual and conduct a clinical assessment to determine how to best assist and problem solve with the client.

Reporting Threats, Criminal Activities or Medical Emergencies

If there is an immediate threat to a person or property, a crime is in progress, or there is a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1.

If a crime has already occurred and there is no immediate threat, call the non-emergency line 619-531-2000.

Report Encampments

Get It Done

Report encampments through Get It Done.

What to expect after reporting an encampment

Report Encampment Now

What to expect after reporting an encampment

Following ongoing homeless outreach efforts by outreach providers, the City will begin to use progressive enforcement. Neighborhood Policing Division officers will visit a site multiple times and offer services to people as appropriate and take enforcement action when necessary. It may take several days or weeks depending on the type of encampment for a situation to be resolved. Please note that during inclement weather, enforcement activities may be limited.


Unit Phone Email
2-1-1 San Diego 2-1-1
Homeless Outreach Team (SDPD Neighborhood Policing) 619-446-1010
Homelessness Response Center 619-880-8810
Homelessness Strategies and Solutions Department
Mobile Crisis Response Team 888-724-7240  
Personal Belonging Retrieval 858-694-7000  
San Diego Housing Commission 619-578-7553