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Posting Notice

The locally designed poster offered below is being provided for your convenience and includes all three posting languages condensed into one easy to use notice. Alternatively, the Attorney General's Office for the State of California has also created a model template which can be found on their website: Office of the Attorney General

Locally Designed Posting Notice

The posting notice below is available in two print sizes, both 11x14 and 11x17. The 11x14 notice should be printed on 11x17 paper and can be trimmed to down to 14 inches.

Graphic of Human Trafficking Flyer


Businesses required to post

  • Adult or sexually oriented businesses
  • Bus stations
  • Business or establishments that offer massage or bodywork services for compensation
  • Emergency rooms within general acute care hospitals
  • Farm labor contractors
  • Intercity passenger rail or light rail stations
  • On-sale general public premises licenses under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act
  • Primary Airports
  • Privately operated job recruitment centers
  • Roadside rest areas
  • Truck stops
  • Urgent care centers

To find the Attorney General's model notice, and more detailed information on the specific types of required businesses, please review the Attorney General's website at: Office of the Attorney General

Posting Location

  • Posted in conspicuous place near the public entrance, or in another conspicuous location in clear view of the public and employees where similar notices are customarily posted.

Posting Dimensions

  • At least 8.5 inches by 11 inches
  • Written in 16 font

Posting Languages

Notices must be posted in English, Spanish and in one other language that is most widely spoken in the business or establishment's location. The following four languages, in addition to English and Spanish, have been identified by the Attorney General's Office for San Diego County.

  • Tagalog
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Vietnamese