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Performance & Analytics

What We Do

Our team members are data analysts, project managers, researchers, designers, and community members. We track progress and achieve results. Through a commitment to data, transparency, equity, and innovation, we aim to change how residents engage with the City of San Diego and how employees deliver services to our communities. As self-proclaimed data nerds who work in local government, we often use strangely specific words to describe what we do. At the end of the day, our job is to make City services more efficient and accessible. We do that through data collection and analysis, strategic planning, customer engagement, and a lot of research.

Our vision is: A City that can confidently confront the complex and uncertain challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our mission is: We discover, innovate, and optimize to help City employees better serve San Diegans.

Four employees meeting 

Build the City’s capacity to respond to change

  • Drive citizen and staff engagement
  • Create and promote sustainable innovation
  • Improve data accessibility and use


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Transform the way the City works

  • Modernize and streamline City processes and technology
  • Improve how the City pursues and develops digital services
  • Equip City leadership with the insights they need to improve the employee experience
  • Build organizational capability to solve people, process, technology, or policy issues


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Improve the quality of City decision making

  • Champion diversity and collaboration
  • Leverage analytics and insights as key tools for driving organizational decision-making
  • Institutionalize learning and effective knowledge management
  • Foster the development of strategy in driving the City’s near- and long-term actions



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Develop and support a team capable of tackling the realities of operating a local government

  • Nurture the development of key department knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Ensure each Panda has the tools they need to effectively do their work

  • Support each Panda to reach their full potential while on the team

  • Create cross-functional, integrated project teams that maximize the strengths of each of our divisions and teammates

  • Effectively manage the Panda portfolio of projects to ensure projects align with department/City goals and are appropriately managed