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Parks and Recreation Board

About the Board

The Parks and Recreation Board was chartered by the City Council under Municipal Code Section 26.30 to serve as an advisory board on matters relating to the acquisition, development, maintenance and operation of parks, beaches and recreation properties and facilities.

Regional Park Oversight Committee

  • Act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in all matters pertaining to parks, recreation, beaches, creeks, plazas, parkways and street trees.
  • Consider the annual budget for parks, recreation, beaches, creeks, plazas, parkways and street tree purposes during the process of its preparation and make recommendations with respect thereto to the City Council and the City Administrator.
  • Assist in the planning of parks, recreation, beaches, creeks, plazas and street trees for the inhabitants of the City, promote and stimulate public interest therein, and to that end solicit to the fullest extent possible the cooperation of school authorities and other public and private agencies interested therein.
  • Perform such other duties not inconsistent with this Charter as may be prescribed by ordinance.


The Board consists of 11 members who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

Length of Term

The members serve two-year terms, for a maximum of eight years.


Financial Disclosure Statement

Members must file a Statement of Economic Interests upon appointment, annually and when leaving the advisory group.




The Parks and Recreation Director serves as Secretary to the Board.

Meeting Schedule

The Board meets the third Thursday of the month, 2 p.m. in the Balboa Park Club Ballroom located at 2150 Pan American Road W., San Diego 92101.

Contact Information

Questions about The Parks and Recreation Board can be directed to Board staff at