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Parking Frequently Asked Questions

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What telephone number do I call to report illegal parking?

To report illegal parking in your neighborhood, call (619) 531-2000.

How close to the curb must I be to park legally?

All vehicles parking parallel to the curb must park within 18 inches.

What is the maximum length of time I can park my vehicle on the street without moving it?

Vehicles cannot be parked or stored on a public street for long periods of time. Storage of a vehicle is considered to be a vehicle in excess of 72 hours without being moved at least one tenth of a mile. Vehicles stored longer than 72 hours are subject to being towed or cited.

How far in the red must I be to get a ticket?

No portion of the vehicle, including the bumper, may extend into the restricted area. This also applies to parked vehicles encroaching into driveways, sidewalks and crosswalks.

Is it legal for residents to paint curbs?

City maintenance crews must do all curb painting. It is illegal for residents to paint anything within the public right-of-way. To request re-painting of a faded curb, submit a Street Division Service Request. To request new curb painting, contact Traffic Engineering at (619) 533-3126 or complete and submit the Traffic Request for Service Form.

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