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To maintain public safety by providing the highest quality police services to all of our communities.


The San Diego Police Department strives to advance the highest levels of public safety, trust, and professionalism by strengthening community partnership through fair and impartial policing while fostering employee enrichment and growth to ensure we remain America’s Finest police department.


Human Life

Our efforts will be oriented toward the goal of protecting human life and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


Our actions will be guided by the highest level of virtue and ethical practice through open communication and transparency.


We will work collaboratively with our community to resolve challenges, protect individual rights, and promote prosperity.


We embrace and appreciate the unique experiences and backgrounds that provide strength and unity to our organization.

Employee Enrichment

We will provide for the professional development and wellness of our employees through access to ongoing training and a robust employee wellness program. Through these commitments, we will continually advance the professional knowledge, personal growth and career longevity of our employees.


We will strive to show genuine concern for one another in both our interactions with the community and within our organization. We recognize that the complexities of life compel us to do nothing less.


We are committed to leading the law enforcement community through innovative practices in order to maintain our position at the forefront of policing.

Courageous Justice

We will be undeterred in our pursuit of fairness, peace, and a genuine well-being for all people.