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Critical Incident Videos

Under Assembly Bill 748, California State law requires “Critical Incident Videos” to be released within 45 days of a critical incident, as defined by the bill. SDPD strives to release videos within 10 days of a critical incident. 

SDPD officer-involved shootings and other deadly force incident investigations and reviews are led by an external agency, per the countywide memorandum of understanding.

The investigation and review process for an officer-involved shooting is extremely thorough.

  • Per the countywide memorandum, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Unit investigates all SDPD Officer-Involved Shootings. Their report is then provided to the District Attorney’s Office. The Sheriff and District Attorney are both elected officials in the County of San Diego.
  • The District Attorney’s Office will determine if the officers bear any criminal liability for their actions. 
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Attorney’s Office also monitor the investigation. 
  • The SDPD's Internal Affairs Unit will conduct an internal investigation into the actions of the San Diego Police Officer.
  • The SDPD Shooting Review Board will evaluate the tactics used. 
  • The internal investigation will be reviewed by San Diego's independent Commission on Police Practices.

WARNING: These videos may contain graphic and disturbing images, along with foul language. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Date Division Location Video
12/7/2023 Northwestern 10525 4S Commons Dr. Watch Video
11/13/2023 Mid-City 4000 Block of Wightman St. Watch Video
8/28/2023 Southeastern 500 Block of Iona Dr. Watch Video
8/15/2023 Mid-City 6100 Block of El Cajon Blvd. Watch Video
8/11/2023 Northern 3435 Lebon Dr. Watch Video
8/2/2023 Northern 7200 Block of Mesa College Circle Watch Video
6/4/2023 Southern 700 E. San Ysidro Blvd. Watch Video
1/20/2023 Central 2000 Block of Logan Ave. Watch Video
1/17/2023 Eastern 800 La Cresta Blvd. (El Cajon) Watch Video
12/8/2022 Mid-City 4300 El Cajon Blvd. Watch Video
12/8/2022 Mid-City 4200 42nd St. Watch Video
10/18/2022 Southeastern 1100 S. 43rd St. Watch Video
8/23/2022 Mid-City 1500 Bridgeview Dr. Watch Video
7/7/2022 Southeastern 300 South Meadowbrook Drive Watch Video
6/4/2022 Eastern 11200 Tierrasanta Blvd.  Watch Video
4/9/2022 Eastern 10900 Viacha Dr. Watch Video
3/30/2022 Eastern 6500 Bonnie View Dr. Watch Video
1/10/2022 Central South Alley of 3100 Imperial Ave. Watch Video
9/28/2021 Mid-City Shiloh Rd & Rex Ave. Watch Video
7/23/2021 Mid-City 5300 El Cajon Blvd. Watch Video
5/12/2021 Northern La Jolla Village Dr. & La Jolla Scenic Dr. North Watch Video
4/12/2021 Central 1400 Park Blvd. Watch Video
3/9/2021 Central Park Blvd. & Upas St. Watch Video
2/25/2021 Central 03rd Ave. & G St. Watch Video
10/19/2020 Southeastern 300 S. Pardee St. Watch Video
10/14/2020 Northeastern 8500 Celtic Court Watch Video
7/9/2020 Mid-City 4200 Menlo Ave. Watch Video
7/5/2020 Central 1401 Broadway Watch Video
6/27/2020 Central 1200 6th Ave. Watch Video
5/29/2020 Mid-City 3800 Euclid Ave. Watch Video
2/27/2020 Southern Otay Valley Regional Park Watch Video
1/24/2020 Southeastern 54th St. & College Grove Rd. Watch Video
8/24/2019 Mid-City 5800 Adelaide Ave. Watch Video