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Force Analysis

The Force Analysis Unit (FAU) supports the San Diego Police Department's effort to provide professional, contemporary and comprehensive training in police theory and method in order to equip department members to best serve the public.

FAU's main objectives are to: 

  • Track use of force and show of force trends within the department and nationally
  • Identify strengths in current practices and areas for improvement
  • Recommend changes in training based on the identified use of force trends
  • Remain abreast of all new use of force concepts and current issues to serve as a department-wide resource

Use of Force

In the performance of their duties, officers may encounter situations where the use of force is reasonably necessary to effect a detention or arrest, to overcome resistance, or to protect themselves or others.

The San Diego Police Department is committed to achieving a safe resolution to conflict whenever possible. The Department trains its officers in tactics, techniques, and strategies to control these types of incidents using time, distance, communications, and other available resources in an effort to de-escalate encounters and gain voluntary compliance.

Show of Force

In 2021, the San Diego Police Department began tracking the times in which a use of force tool, weapon or device is displayed only and not used in a manner consistent with Use of Force. Examples include showing their baton, unholstering a taser but not discharging it, presence of a police service dog without releasing it, etc. Collection of this information will allow the department to adapt training and procedures in the future.