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Public Comment for SDPD Procedures

The San Diego Police Department is committed to engaging the public when creating new procedures, which detail guidelines for SDPD officers when interacting with the public. Below is the process, SDPD has to seek feedback from the public on new procedures that have an impact on San Diego residents.

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Eligible Procedures

Procedure changes or new procedures that meet the following criteria will be open for public comment:

  • procedure changes that are identified as having a significant impact on the public, OR
  • review is mandated by law.


Procedures that are to be posted for public comment will be made available on this page and open for comment for 14 days.

Submitted comments will be reviewed and the procedure will be revised if necessary.

Final procedures will be published to SDPD's Policies and Procedures page.

Draft Procedures for Public Comment

There are no draft procedures at this time.

Past Draft Procedures for Public Comment

Procedure Finalized on Responses
Past draft procedures will be posted when available.