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Recognizing the need for programs and services to support the physical and mental well-being of officers and their families, the San Diego Police Department established a Wellness Unit to provide resources, training and intervention for both personal and job-related stress.

Services Offered

Since 2011, the Wellness Unit has offered 24/7 assistance to SDPD officers, civilian and retired employees and their families on topics such as building resiliency, emotional wellbeing, alcohol and substance use intervention, mental health services, peer support and more. 

24-Hour Wellness Hotline

The Wellness Unit operates a 24-hour Wellness Hotline for SDPD personnel. Whenever an employee is in need of help or someone to talk to, there are trained Wellness Unit members ready to answer the phone and provide services for the employees 24 hours a day. 

FOCUS Psychological Services

FOCUS, the SDPD psychological services provider, offers free confidential counseling services to all San Diego Police sworn, civilian, retired employees and their families.

Peer Support Program

SDPD's Peer Support Program is designed to utilize officers within the department to assist fellow officers with emotional support and ensure an officer’s needs are met during and after critical incidents.

Family Wellness Day

On the first Saturday after each regional academy graduation, the Wellness Unit coordinates a Family Wellness Day. this day is led by Focus Psychological Services, the Wellness Unit, and police chaplains. The training day is designed to introduce the new police officers and their families to all of the Police Department's wellness resources.  

This training provides realistic expectations about the psychological impact the job may have. Family members and any personal support persons who will be available to the officers throughout their careers are encouraged to attend. 

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Program

The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program provides culturally competent services to address the challenges faced by law enforcement personnel. The Wellness Unit has established relationships with first responder treatment programs in order to provide the best in care for our officers. 

Police Chaplain Program

The San Diego Police Chaplain Program was established in 1969 to provide additional assistance for officers, their families and other department employees. Chaplains are volunteers from different religious faiths who bring an understanding of the pressures of today’s living and the unusual problems encountered by law enforcement officers.

Chaplains do not represent a particular denomination but care for the spiritual and emotional needs of all sworn and civilian personnel. The faith of the employee supersedes the faith of the attending chaplain.

Cordico Wellness Mobile App

SDPD is one of many public safety agencies to offer the first responder wellness mobile app known as Cordico to all its employees and their families. Cordico provides a one-stop-shop for all wellness information, articles and programs. Police personnel and their families can also contact peer support officers, chaplains, Wellness Unit members, FOCUS psychological services through their smartphones.