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Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned or Inoperable Vehicles

In the City of San Diego, it is illegal to leave an operable or inoperable vehicle parked for more than 72 consecutive hours without being driven at least 1/10th of a mile on a public street. It is also illegal to park an abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperable vehicle on private property in public view.

The Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Unit is responsible for removing wrecked, dismantled and inoperative vehicles on both public and private property.

Report an Abandoned or Inoperable Vehicle

SERVICE IMPACT: This service is currently impacted. Response times may be delayed by several weeks.

Report a Vehicle Online 

What to Do if Your Vehicle Has Been Towed

Vehicles may be impounded or towed for several reasons for violation of both State and City laws. Learn how you can find and retrieve your vehicle if you believe it has been towed by the City of San Diego. The City will not have information on a vehicle that was towed from private property.