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Letter of Agency (Trespass Arrest Authorization)

A Letter of Agency (Trespass Arrest Authorization) allows SDPD to enforce against anyone found on a property without the owner's consent or without lawful purpose.

Recommended for vacant properties, vacant lots, businesses or any properties upon which public nuisance activity or crimes, including littering, defecating, drinking, drug activity, prostitution, graffiti or general trespass are occurring. 

The authorization expires 12 months from when the premises or property is closed to the public and is posted as being closed. Authorization also expires upon transfer of ownership of the property or upon a change in the person in lawful possession.

Apply for a Letter of Agency


After a Letter of Agency form is submitted to SDPD, a sign should be posted on the property with the following:

  • the words "A Letter of Agency has been filed with the San Diego Police Department"
  • the address of the property
  • the words "No Trespassing"
  • who the property is managed by and/or who to call to report problems or concerns

The sign should be at least 18" X 24", ideally have a font legible from the nearest public street and not be readily accessible to vandals. Signs should be evenly spaced throughout the surrounding property boundaries covered by the Letter of Agency.

The signs are important for SDPD to respond appropriately should an issue with the property arise.


Letter of Agency sign example