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Real Estate and Airport Management

Leasing City-Owned Property with DREAM

I have a lease with the City that I want to renew or extend, what is the process?

The best way to initiate the process is to contact your City-assigned Property Agent. If you do not know who your assigned Property Agent is, please contact the Department’s general phone line or email, and you will be connected to your Agent.

The Property Agent will direct you, per Council Policy 700-10 and City Charter Section 225, to commence the Lease Negotiation Process by submitting a Lessee Questionnaire and the transaction processing fees.

How do I obtain a new lease for a City property?

When City properties are available for disposition through a lease, one of two solicitations may be issued in accordance with the Surplus Land Act (SLA):

  1. If the lease term will be less than five years and/or no development and/or demolition is contemplated, the City will issue a competitive solicitation, such as a Request for Proposals (RFP).
  2. If the lease term will be five years or longer and/or development and/or demolition is required, the City will declare the property as Surplus Land and issue a Notice of Availability (NOA) or RFP in accordance with the SLA.

How do I find out when the City issues a solicitation for a lease?

Properties available for Sale or Lease by DREAM are posted on its Properties for Sale or Lease webpage.

What if a solicitation has not been issued for a property I want to lease?

Please contact the “managing department” listed on the map of City-owned property to determine if they have an interest in reviewing an unsolicited business opportunity. If the managing department is interested, they will initiate the lease negotiation process with DREAM.