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City Charter

What is the City Charter?

The first historical City Charter of the City of San Diego was created in 1889 (not available online). The original version of the current City Charter was approved by voters on April 7, 1931, adopted by the State Legislature on April 15, 1931 and filed with the Secretary of State April 24, 1931. The edition below includes articles of amendment through the municipal election of November 2020.

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City Charter Articles

Article Title
Article I Corporate Powers (Sections 1-3)
Article II Nominations and Elections (Sections 4-10)
Article III Legislative Power (Sections 11-23)
Article IV The Mayor (Sections 24-25)
Article V Executive and Administrative Service (Sections 26-64)
Article VI Board of Education (Sections 65-67)
Article VII Finance (Sections 68-114)
Article VIII Civil Service (Sections 115-139)
Article IX The Retirement of Employees (Sections 140-151)
Article X Transfer of Police and Fire Department Employees into the Retirement System
Article XI Fireman’s Relief and Pension Fund
Article XII Labor on Public Work (Sections 193-201)
Article XIII City Police Court (Sections 202-210)
Article XIV Miscellaneous Provisions (Sections 211-226)
Article XV Strong Mayor Form of Governance (Sections 250-295)
Article XVI Elective Officers (Sections 300-304)