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Social Calls

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A compassionate voice in our lives can make a powerful difference, especially during these unprecedented times. The City of San Diego Social Call will call you for FREE, Monday-Friday, up to three times a week just to check in and say "hello" as well as to connect you to other life-enhancing resources.

AgeWell Services Staff will assist older adults who need help filling out the form by calling 619-236-6905. Other adults needing assistance with the form may call their closest recreation center or library.

Please note that this is not an emergency health or medical service.


Example: 1000 Main St.
This email will be used primarily to send the participant links and information about requested resources.
Social Call Participant"s Age Range:
Specify any services or resources the participant is especially interested in learning more about, if any:
The Parks and Recreation Department, Therapeutic Recreation Services (TRS) provides recreation programs for children and adults with disabilities. Would you like more information about TRS?
Choose which day(s) and time the participant would like to be contacted.
Choose up to three (3) days:
Choose which time:
Are you filling out this form on behalf of the social calls participant?
If so, please provide the following information.
Whom should we contact if we are unable to get in touch with the participant?
This contact should be local. Some examples of contacts include apartment managers, neighbors, friends, or family members. We will only contact this person in the event that we are unable to get in touch with the participant after three failed attempts.