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Z - Sustainability (DO NOT USE)

Energy and Water Efficiency

We’ve all seen it -- a pesky driveway leak, soaring electricity bill, or toilet that runs for five minutes straight. Addressing wasteful uses of water and energy are the low hanging fruit of climate action.

Making changes to increase efficiency has immediate environmental benefits and saves money for users. San Diego conserves energy and water through equipment upgrades, operational changes, and data collection.

Upcoming efficiency actions include:

  • Presenting to Council: 1) a Residential Energy Conservation and Disclosure Ordinance, 2) a Municipal Energy Strategy and Implementation Plan, 3) a Water Conservation and Disclosure Ordinance, and 4) an Outdoor Landscaping Ordinance
  • Supporting water rate structures that encourage conservation and reuse
  • Supporting Property Assessed Clean Energy financing to facilitate residential and commercial property upgrades
  • Expanding Green Business Program to increase energy efficiency education and resources to businesses within City of San Diego
  • Expanding express permitting incentives for business to include energy efficient projects
  • Providing weatherization and other energy efficiency upgrades for low and moderate income households through Community Development Block Grant funding
  • Moving forward with San Diego’s “Smart” Adaptive Control Streetlighting retrofit plan that will install between 13,000 and 15,000 energy efficient and smart streetlights

For more, please view fiscal year 2017’s Funding and Implementation Report.

Below: Solar panels have been installed on water tanks at the City's Alvarado Water Treatment Plant

Aerial view of Alvarado Water Treatment Plant