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Cannabis Business Tax

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On Nov. 8, 2016, San Diego voters passed Measure N, Non-Medical Cannabis Tax, which imposes a gross receipts tax on non-medical cannabis businesses that operate or provide services within the City of San Diego. The Cannabis Business Tax Ordinance PDF icon San Diego Municipal Code (SDMC) Chapter 3, Article 4, Division 1, adopted by City Council by PDF icon Resolution No. 310869, became effective on Dec. 12, 2016.      

The Cannabis Business Tax applies to non-medical cannabis business activities including but not limited to, transporting, manufacturing, cultivating, packaging, or retail sales.  Businesses will be taxed initially at a rate of 5 percent of monthly gross receipts and will increase to 8 percent on July 1, 2019, unless City Council, by ordinance, takes action to set a different tax rate, not to exceed 15 percent of gross receipts.   Each business is required to remit monthly the full amount of taxes owed based on previous month activity.  Along with payment of taxes, businesses must file a Cannabis Tax Remittance Form.  Cash remittances in excess of $3,000 requires an appointment.  For questions or to request an appointment, please call 619-615-1580 or email [email protected]

The payment of the Cannabis Business Tax shall in no way be construed as authorizing the continuance of any illegal business.  Persons may not lawfully engage in cannabis business activities without first obtaining required City and state permits and licenses.

Helpful Information and Forms

Cannabis Business Tax Remittance Form
Cannabis Business Tax Adjustment Form

PDF icon Remittance Form Instructions
PDF icon Cannabis Tax Apportionment Regulation
PDF icon 2018 Payment Schedule
PDF icon Frequently Asked Questions

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