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Trees for Communities

people planting a tree

The City of San Diego’s new tree planting and protection project, Trees for Communities has launched! This project is designed to support the City’s commitment to increasing the urban tree canopy cover and improve the quality of life for residents with more trees.

The Trees for Communities project will plant appropriate tree species based on location width, create new planting spaces and widen others for a healthy community forest. These species, selected by arborists in conjunction with community input, will maximize ecosystem benefits for a diverse and thriving urban forest.

Trees for Communities Project Area

  • Priority Area One

    • Barrio Logan
    • Logan Heights
    • Sherman Heights
    • Grant Hill
    • Stockton
  • Priority Area Two

    • San Ysidro
  • Priority Area Three

    • Mt. Hope
    • Mountain View
    • Southcrest
    • Shelltown
  • Additional Areas of the Project

    After all feasible tree planting locations have been identified and planted, The City of San Diego Urban Forestry Program will plant trees in areas determined by:

What Residents Can Expect

The City of San Diego will water new trees for the first three years of establishment and provide ongoing maintenance throughout the tree’s lifespan.
As part of this project, there may be the installation of new planting strips and tree wells in areas of parkways that were previously paved.
City arborists will identify and plant appropriate, City approved species in each planting location, with input from residents.
Before starting work, potential planting sites will be evaluated for underground utilities which can restrict our team from planting a tree in that location.


What is the City’s watering schedule?

Trees planted under this program will be watered once a week for the first year after planting, once every two weeks for the second year after planting, and once a month for the third year after planting. If it rains during the first three years, the trees may not need water and won't be watered during the normal tree watering schedule.

Am I responsible for the tree after three years?

Trees planted under this program will be maintained by the City’s Urban Forestry Program. Please report any street tree issues through the Get It Done application.

What tree will be planted in front of my house?

A City arborist, with previous community input, selected the species of tree from a list of trees approved for the planting space available. View the species list for Trees for Communities.

What if I want to choose the tree that will be planted in front of my house?

Please use the webform below and a member of the City’s Urban Forestry Program will contact you regarding tree selection.

Trees for Communities is implemented under a Supplemental Environmental Project pursuant to an agreement with the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District.

To contact a member of the Trees for Communities team please complete the form below.

Items marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required.

Owner/Occupant Contact Information

Report an Issue

Residents can report problems regarding street trees through the City’s Get It Done. All requests are evaluated and it is determined if corrective tree work is needed by a Transportation Department arborist.