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The Transportation Department is conducting a number of traffic and pedestrian related projects in an effort to improve traffic flow, incorporate more pedestrian and bicycle traffic, promote safety on City streets and walkways. Some current projects include:

Comprehensive Pedestrian Safety Study - Pedestrian safety analysis to develop new guidelines, a Pedestrian Toolbox summarizing engineering and non-engineering solutions, and a recommended Pedestrian Monitoring Program.

District 3 Sidewalk Study - Identifying and prioritizing areas with serious drainage and street pavement issues in Normal Heights, Greater North Park and Greater Golden Hills to determine engineering, construction, and funding solutions.

Rosecrans Corridor Mobility Study - Program designed to identify transportation improvements, pedestrian accessibility, and traffic flow for intersections and roadway segments on Rosecrans Street between Taylor Street and Kellogg Street.

Torrey Pines Road Preliminary Project Plan - The Torrey Pines Road Preliminary Project Plan is designed to develop a series of innovative traffic calming concepts to enhance improve pedestrian access, bicycle facilities and accessibility, traffic flow and safety along sections of Torrey Pines Road.

Traffic Signal Communications Master Plan - This plan sets the foundation for the upgrade and expansion of the City's traffic signal communications network and the development of an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) program.

University Avenue Mobility Study 54th to 68th Streets - The study developed a comprehensive plan to improve all modes of transportation in the University Avenue Corridor.