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Volunteer, Internship and Work Readiness Opportunities

Information and Reports

Volunteer, Internship and Work Readiness opportunities cultivate civic engagement and participation. Volunteers assist the City’s workforce in enhancing services to the public. Work Readiness opportunities are a means to bring equality to economic opportunity for many San Diego youth. Internships build skills and provide work experience for students enrolled in academic programs.

The City's volunteers, interns and mentees represent the City's diversity; including seniors, students, professionals, families, active and non-active military, and faith-based or community groups. Some volunteers serve as tour guides, archive volunteers and youth sport coaches. They help with engaging visitors, preserving City of San Diego history, or keeping San Diego’s youth physically active. Mentees and Interns learn and gain insight to public service and work readiness skills though programs such as Fire Cadet and Therapeutic Recreation internships.