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San Diego Family Justice Center

Contact: Steve Willard, (619) 533-6009

Location: 1122 Broadway, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92101

Business Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., some volunteer opportunities are available evenings/weekends

Volunteer training held three times a year

Volunteers must complete a 20-hour Family Justice Volunteer Academy Program. An additional 8-hour training is required for Elder Abuse Client Advocates and Children's Room volunteers.

Background check required

Minimum Age: 18; Court Referrals: No

Academy Dates: Academy dates to be announced

Volunteers working on administrative duties will work closely with the Volunteer Administrator, Supervisors and/or Volunteer Team Leaders who will be providing projects that need to be completed for the FJC. Volunteers can assist with special events, provide clerical support, develop written materials, conduct research and gather statistics.

Qualifications: must have basic computer skills.

Time Commitment: work at least 4 hours/week; 16 hours/month.

The primary function of the Case Manager is to assist the client in accessing services from on-site partners that accommodate the individual needs of the client. The Intake procedure is designed to create a non-intrusive way in which to efficiently and effectively process a client through the Family Justice Center.

Time Commitment: Work at least 4 hours/week; 16 hours/month.

Compassionate, fun-loving volunteers interested in making a difference in the life of the child in a safe and supervised environment are encouraged to volunteer. The Children's room provides a sense of calm and safety for children and offers books, toys and games, children's videos, videogames and computer access.

Qualifications: Experience with children is required. Additional 8 hours of training.

Time Commitment: work at least 4 hours/week; 16 hours/month.

Volunteers are being sought for a pilot project (called the HOPE Team) in the City of San Diego involving elder abuse victims. The goal is to provide professionally trained and supervised volunteers who will serve as Client Advocates (CA) to support recent victims of elder abuse as they access services. The type of volunteer being sought is someone with good communication skills, able to handle crisis situations, has good judgment and problem-solving abilities, is reliable, and flexible with his/her time. The Family Justice Center will be providing 48 hours of training for volunteers.

Time Commitment: Per week will vary.

Assist with duties not directly related to client care or evidence collection under direction of the Nurse Practitioner. Provide assistance for referrals, scheduling, charts, releases and other duties which require the volunteer to have a medical background.

Time Commitment: work at least 4 hours/week; 16 hours/month.

Primary functions of hospitality staff are to welcome visitors and their children as they enter the dining room area, acquaint visitors with dining room amenities, monitor emotional needs and play with children in the children's room. Waiting areas at the Family Justice Center provide visitors with access to food and snacks, phones, cable TV, books and magazines, children videos, computer access and videogames.

Time Commitment: work at least 4 hours/week; 16 hours/month.

Volunteers are needed to assist victims who are seeking services at the Family Justice Center by providing interpreting services. FJC Interpreters assist victims through their entire visit with each service provider. Currently, our highest priority is recruiting Spanish- speaking interpreters.

Time Commitment: at least 4 hours/week; 16 hours/month.

Primary functions of reception staff are to greet visitors, determine the reason for their visit, and check visitors into the Family Justice Center. The receptionist is also responsible for answering the Family Justice Center Information Line. Receptionist volunteers will fill in for the on staff receptionists when needed.

Qualifications: must have customer service and basic computer skills. Time commitment: 4 hours/week; 16 hours/month.

Volunteers for special projects and events will assist with special projects, including program development, grant writing, fundraising events, media outreach, public relations and planning of community events. An excellent opportunity for candidates with public relations, grant writing or program planning skills or those seeking social service experience.

Time Commitment: 4 hours/week or as needed; 16 hours/month.

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