Bike Resources


Tips for Getting Started

Go at your own pace
Start with a few short rides around your neighborhood before you venture out further. Take your time to get to know your neighborhood by bike and have fun! Love to Ride has great tips on how to become a prepared and confident rider.

Chart your ride
The best route by car might not be the best by bike. Use SANDAG's bike map to plan the quickest and safest route.

Gear up
Check that your bike fits your body and is working well. San Diego has many great local bike shops that can help you get what you need.

Try it once a week
Take at least one trip a week by bike instead of driving, then make a routine. The more you ride, the more fun it will be as you find the joy and freedom of bicycling.

Bikes Mean Business

As cities install new safe bike lanes, business’ bottom line gets better. Studies show that as cities add protected bike lanes, local economies are boosted. Learn how to become a bike-friendly business!

Businesses can request a no-cost bike rack in the public right-of-way to encourage more active forms of transportation.

Riding in the Mid-City area? The Mid-City community bike map shows how to support local black-owned businesses along your route.

Bikes parked in front of businesses

Bike Lockers and Racks

Plan your trip with the help of the City’s bike rack map and request a locker from SANDAG to store your bike while at school or work.

Learn more about bike lockers and racks

Young lady putting her bike inside a bike locker

A group of ladies working together to repair bicycles

Tune Ups

The City of San Diego Bike Kitchen has some tips and tricks for basic repairs and adjustments.

Bikes del Pueblo also offers tools and education for basic bike repairs and maintenance.

A group of ladies working together to repair bicycles

Rules of the Road

While many San Diegans realize going by bike is a cost-effective, healthy and fun way to get around, it might seem intimidating to try without knowing rules of the road.

Get some pointers from Bill Walton!

Here are a few fast facts to help you get ready to hit the road:

  • First come, first served: yield to those who get there before you or whose traffic signals dictate they have right of way
  • Be predictable – ride in a straight line
  • Always ride in the same direction as other traffic, usually on the right-hand side of the road. It’s OK to be on the left side of a one-way road
  • Stop lights and stop signs apply to bicyclists, too!
  • When turning left, move cautiously into the far-left or left-turn lane. Don't turn left from the right-hand side of the road.
  • You'll see sharrow signs when a lane is too narrow for bicyclists to pass safely on the right. When you see this, discourage unsafe passing by riding toward the middle of the lane.
  • Be cautious of train/trolley tracks and when clear cross at a 90 degree angle (never parallel)
  • Wearing a helmet is always smart
  • If you're riding a personal bicycle, invest in a good lock: U-locks are safe and sturdy. If you plan to bike in dark conditions, use a front white light and rear red light – it’s the law.