San Diego

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ADA Compliance and Accessibility

Anna Vacchi [email protected]  619-533-4510
Arts and Culture Commission Racquel Vasquez [email protected] 619-533-4587
City Auditor Katie Keach [email protected] 619-847-8274
Community Review Board on Police Practices Alma Rife [email protected] 619-533-4589
Climate Action Plan Anisha Gianchandani [email protected] 619-533-4573
Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention Arian Collins [email protected] 619-533-4571
Comptroller Racquel Vasquez [email protected] 619-533-4587
Corporate Partnerships and Development Alma Rife [email protected] 619-533-4589
Debt Management  Racquel Vasquez [email protected] 619-533-4587
Development Services Scott Robinson [email protected] 619-533-4586
Economic Development   C[email protected] 619-533-4555
Environmental Services Paul Brencick [email protected] 619-533-4508
Financial Management Racquel Vasquez [email protected] 619-533-4587
Fire-Rescue (including Lifeguards) Mónica Muñoz [email protected] 619-533-3780
Fleet Operations Scott Robinson [email protected] 619-533-4586
Human Relations Commission Arian Collins [email protected] 619-533-4571
Human Resources Alma Rife [email protected] 619-533-4589
Information Technology Scott Robinson [email protected] 619-533-4586
International Affairs Board Arian Collins [email protected] 619-533-4571
Library Jenny Mehlow [email protected] 619-533-4529
Office of Homeland Security José Ysea [email protected] 858-518-8210
Park and Recreation Tim Graham [email protected] 619-533-4588
Performance and Analytics   [email protected] 619-533-4555
Personnel Tracy Morales [email protected] 619-533-4562
Planning Arian Collins [email protected] 619-533-4571
Police    [email protected] 619-531-2900
Public Utilities Jerry McCormick [email protected] 619-533-4583
Public Works Alec Phillipp [email protected] 619-533-4574
Purchasing and Contracting Tim Graham [email protected] 619-533-4588
Real Estate Assets Arian Collins [email protected] 619-533-4571
Risk Management Jenny Mehlow [email protected] 619-533-4529
Special Events and Film Alma Rife [email protected] 619-533-4589
Transportation and Storm Water Anthony Santacroce [email protected] 619-533-4509
Treasurer Racquel Vasquez [email protected] 619-533-4587
Vision Zero Lynda Pfeifer [email protected] 619-533-4572






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