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Media Contacts for City Departments

Media Line: 619-533-4555





News photographer


Airport Management (Brown and Montgomery) Jerry McCormick 619-533-4583
Arts and Culture, Commission for Racquel Vasquez 619-533-4587
Boards and Commissions, Office of Gina Scorza 619-723-4691
Child and Youth Success, Office of Gina Scorza 619-723-4691
City Planning Tara Lewis 619-533-4529
Compliance Jennifer McBride 619-533-4573
Development Services Richard Berg 619-841-8902
Economic Development Jerry McCormick 619-533-4583
Emergency Services, Office of José Ysea 619-533-4585
Engineering and Capital Projects Tyler Becker 619-533-4572
Environmental Services Kelly Terry 619-533-4505
Finance Racquel Vasquez 619-533-4587
Fire-Rescue (including Lifeguards) Mónica Muñoz 619-533-3780
General Services Tyler Becker 619-533-4572
Homelessness Strategies and Solutions Matthew Hoffman 619-436-9516
Human Resources Maureen Jugar 619-533-4507
Immigrant Affairs, Office of Ombretta Di Dio 619-455-9653
Information Technology Anthony Santacroce 619-602-2805
Library Jennifer McBride 619-533-4573
Parks and Recreation Benny Cartwright 619-918-5810
Performance and Analytics Leslie Wolf Branscomb 619-533-4588
Personnel Maureen Jugar 619-533-4507
Police  SDPD Media Services Unit 619-531-2900
Public Utilities Arian Collins 619-533-4571
Purchasing and Contracting Arian Collins 619-533-4571
Race and Equity Perette Godwin 619-533-4511
Real Estate Tara Lewis 619-533-4529
Risk Management Arian Collins 619-533-4571
Special Events and Film Jerry McCormick 619-533-4583
Stormwater Ramon Galindo 619-953-9332
Sustainability and Mobility Leslie Wolf Branscomb 619-533-4588
Transportation / Vision Zero Anthony Santacroce 619-602-2805
Treasurer, Office of the Racquel Vasquez 619-533-4587