Upas Street Pipeline Replacement Project

Project Overview

The Upas Street Pipeline, Park Boulevard Pipeline and 5th Avenue Pipeline are more than 70 years old and are reaching the end of their useful lifecycle. They are badly deteriorated and have a recent history of leakage and pipe breaks.

The Upas Street pipeline also crosses vast open space areas that are difficult or impossible to access for routine maintenance and repairs, and has numerous direct service connections that must be relocated to a new, smaller distribution pipeline for consistency with current codes and design standards.

The project will improve water delivery system reliability; increase operational flexibility; reduce overall maintenance needs and costs; and substantially reduce the potential for failure, major pipeline repairs and service shut-downs. The project scope includes:

  • Replacing approximately 5.4 miles (28,500 linear feet) of fragile and deteriorating cast iron water mains along Upas Street, Park Boulevard and 5th Avenue, reducing the potential of pipeline failures.
  • Replacing Pressure Regulating Stations at West Upas Street and Brant Street; at Upas Street and Hawk Street; and at Upas Street and Park Boulevard, bringing the facilities up to current standards.
  • Installing a new Pressure Regulating Station at Upas Street and 7th Avenue, providing operation flexibility and enhancing system reliability.

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Anticipated Schedule

Completed Work:

  • Park Boulevard from Upas Street to Robinson Avenue
  • 5th Avenue from Upas Street to Robinson Ave.
  • Fourth Avenue to Herbert Street Pipeline Installation -Except the Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) at 7th Avenue***
  • W. Upas Street –Albatross Street to Brant Street Pipeline Installation**
  • Albatross Street – South of W. Upas Street to W. Walnut Avenue Pipeline Installation**
  • W. Walnut Avenue – Albatross Street to Front Street Pipeline Installation**
  • Front Street – W. Upas Street to W. Walnut Avenue Pipeline Installation**
  • Upas Street - Alabama Street to 28th Street Distribution Pipeline Installation**

Construction Schedule (Jan 2017 through Summer 2017*):

  • Upas Street at 7th Avenue – Installation of PRS
  • W. Upas Street & Brant Street - Installation of PRS
  • W. Upas Street – Pacific Coast Highway (north) to Pacific Coast Highway (south)
  • Sassafras – India Street to Kettner Boulevard
  • Upas Street – Herbert Street to Louisiana Street Transmission Pipeline Installation

Construction Schedule (Summer 2017 through Winter 2017*):

  • W. Upas Street – Goldfinch Street to Northbound Pacific Coast Highway
  • Upas Street – Front Street to Fourth Avenue
  • Upas Street – Louisiana Street to Dale Street Transmission Pipeline Installation
  • Upas Street – Installation of PRS at Park Boulevard
  • Completion of Surface Improvements

*Dates are approximate and subject to change.
**Surface restoration pending pipe testing and acceptance or other subsurface work.
***Balboa Park landscape restoration pending PRS installation work.

Project Budget

The project's planning, design and construction budget is $32.2 million.

Contact Us

For questions or concerns about the project, call the Public Works Department construction project information line at 619-533-4207, email [email protected], or submit your inquiry online. Please reference the "Upas Street Pipeline Replacement Project" in your inquiry.