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Office of the City Clerk

Digital Archives

Preserving original and trustworthy records is crucial to the functioning of a civil society. The City of San Diego launched its Archives Program in 1987, establishing the Archives Center to serve as a central source of information and materials regarding the history and development of the City of San Diego.

The identification, preservation, and storage of records is the primary functions of the Archives Center with permanent reference value that capture the City's history. These records do not simply provide a chronology of events. Rather, they provide a window into the City's past: the culture, values, challenges, and issues that helped to shape the City of San Diego that we know today.

In Fiscal Year 2014, the Mayor and City Council renewed their commitment to transparency and access by funding the City Clerk Archives Access and Preservation Project. This support is responsible for the preservation efforts and the easy digital access of the City's Pioneer Statehood records - maps and books dating to the 1850's. These fascinating and educational records join the existing collections housed in the City's Archives Center which include records dating from approximately 1835 to 1960.


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