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Office of the City Clerk

On the ballot: Council races in Districts 2, 4, 6 and 8; six City propositions

Candidates' Statements of Qualifications


  • PDF icon Proposition B
    Charter Amendment. Grants subpoena power to the San Diego Ethics Commission.
    Results: YES – 107,663; NO – 53,261
  • PDF icon Proposition C
    Charter Amendment. Changes the vesting requirement of the City Employees' Retirement System from ten years to five years.
    Results: YES – 78,253; NO – 81.977
  • PDF icon Proposition D
    Charter Amendment. Allows public agencies other than the City to participate in the City Employees' Retirement System.
    Results: YES – 91,703; NO – 63,938
  • PDF icon Proposition E
    Charter Amendment. Requires that any increase in an existing general tax or imposition of any new general tax be levied by the Council only if it has been approved by a two-third vote of the qualified City electors.
    Results: YES – 8,616; NO – 74,227
  • PDF icon Proposition F
    Charter Amendment. Affects the number of votes required for any Charter amendment, ballot proposal, initiative, statute, law or regulation.
    Results: YES – 79,678; NO – 78,501
  • PDF icon Proposition G
    Municipal Code Amendment. Prohibits alcohol consumption 24 hours per day in Mission Beach and specified beach areas of Pacific Beach from June, 2001, through December 31, 2002.
    Results: YES – 83,718; NO – 86,710
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