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Office of the City Clerk

Help For Adobe Reader Users

These documents are available for viewing in Portable Document Format (PDF) using the free Adobe Reader. If you are unable to view the documents via Adobe Reader, please contact our office at (619) 533-4000 for alternative formats.

Searching within a PDF File

To highlight your search term from within a PDF document, simply do a find with Adobe Reader (hold down the CTRL key and type 'F' or left mouse click the binoculars on the tool bar) and your search term will be found and highlighted.

Searching Official City Documents

The City of San Diego uses the Google search appliance throughout this Web site. Special Google sub-collection' searches have been created for the Official City Documents. Although Adobe Reader provides a method to search within PDF files, as explained above, the Web page search boxes found within the various sections of Official City Documents allow you to search multiple PDF files at once.

Each section of Official City Documents provides a full-text search field to search documents within that section. The Official City Documents Home page provides a full-text search of all or select Official City Documents using a checkbox layout. Additional advanced search pages are provided in some sections for a more specific field search. For information on how to perform a basic Google search, please refer to Basic Search Essentials.

Help for Microsoft Internet Explorer Users

When Adobe Reader and Microsoft Internet Explorer are used in combination (integrated) they use more memory and often a memory bug will prevent them from downloading LARGE PDF files properly. To solve the problem, the two products should be used independently (not integrated).

Follow the steps below in Adobe Reader to allow the products to work independently:

  1. Open Adobe Reader
  2. Select File/Preferences/General.
  3. In the lower right-hand quadrant of the preferences screen UN-check the box which is associated with Web Browser Integration.
  4. Close Adobe Reader.
  5. Try the web again. It should work properly.