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The San Diego County Grand Jury investigates the operations of governmental programs of the County, cities and special districts. A new Grand Jury is chosen by July 1 each year. Grand Jury members are nominated by Superior Court Judges to serve one-year terms. The Grand Jury investigates, evaluates and issues reports on the actions of local governments and special districts.

Each year the City of San Diego receives a number of Grand Jury reports directed at city policies and operations. Some of the reports are directed to the Mayor, while some are directed to the City Council or a specific City department. This webpage provides an easy-to-use web portal to review Grand Jury reports directed to the City of San Diego and the resulting responses from the City.

2015/2016 Grand Jury Reports & Responses

2014/2015 Grand Jury Reports & Responses

2013/2014 Grand Jury Reports & Responses

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