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Office of the City Attorney

2009 News Releases

12/15/09Judge Strikes "Presidential Leave" Pension Benefits (PDF)
11/20/09City Attorney's & District Attorney's Office Joined by Computer (PDF)
11/14/09Border Wildcatters Convicted (PDF)
11/06/09City of San Diego Recovers $1 Million for Oil Spill (PDF)
11/02/09The City Wins Pension Overtime Case (PDF)
10/21/09City Attorney's Office To Save $217,000 Annually By Consolidating Offices (PDF)
09/25/09City Attorney's Office Announces Management Updates (PDF)
07/14/09City Attorney's Office Provides Legal Assistance at Stand Down Event (PDF)
06/29/09City Prevails in Condo Conversion Case (PDF)
06/25/09City Prevails in DROP Hearing (PDF)
06/19/09Police Raid Local Smoke Shops (PDF)
06/17/09City Attorney Cracks Down on Owner of Unlicensed Community Care Facility (PDF)
06/15/09Lobster Poacher Jason Bryan Chavez Sentenced to Jail (PDF)
06/11/09San Diego Achieves Major Court Win on DROP (PDF)
06/04/09Lobster Poacher Binh Chau Sentenced to Jail (PDF)
05/19/09San Diego City Attorney's Office Prevails over Sunroad lawsuit (PDF)
05/05/09City and County to Swap Lawyers (PDF)
05/04/09District Attorney and City Attorney Warn of Price Gouging During Swine Flu State of Emergency (PDF)
04/01/09Landlord Required to Pay Relocation Costs for Tenants and Correct Substandard Housing Violations at Rental Properties (PDF)
03/27/09San Diego City Attorney’s Office Prosecutes Company for Phony Government Property Tax Appeal Bill (PDF)
03/19/09Local Smoke Shop Owner Convicted of Selling Narcotic Paraphernalia (PDF)
03/11/09San Diego City Attorney's Office Attends Launch of Homeless Service Provider Toolkit (PDF)
02/26/09San Diego City Attorney's Office Enforces Rule 300-06 on Impasse Procedures (PDF)
02/25/09"Mega-Liquidation Club" Caught Operating Without a License (PDF)