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Arts, Culture and Community Festivals (ACCF) City Council Allocations

Through discretionary Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) funds, City Council Offices can award non-profit organizations and public agencies funding for the purpose of promoting local arts and culture. ACCF's City Council allocations are governed by Council Policy 100-23, and the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) is governed by Council Policy 100-03. Funds awarded to organizations and agencies are paid only on a reimbursement basis and are awarded at the discretion of each Council Office. Allocations are typically offered annually, with the application opening near the beginning of the fiscal year and reimbursements being processed at the end of the fiscal year. Please note that these allocations are distinct from the Commission for Arts and Culture's grant programs, including CCSD and OSP.

FY25 ACCF Update:

The Mayor's FY25 Proposed Budget, released on April 12, 2024, does not include funding for the ACCF City Council funding program. Council Administration has postponed the announcement of any FY25 ACCF program updates until the budget receives full approval in June. This does not impact current FY24 grant recipients. Please stay tuned to our webpage and mailing list for updates. 

FY24 ACCF Information:

We are excited to announce that among 127 applicants, 79 community organizations have been awarded ACCF City Council allocations totaling $450,000 in funding. Please see the following resources and contact your assigned grant coordinator for more information: 

Full Application (non-CCSD/OSP):

FY24 ACCF Contract Award List

Abbreviated Application (CCSD/OSP Recipients):

PDF icon FY24 ACCF Memo Award List

Grant Awardees should recognize that these allocations are tentative and are subject to approval by the full City Council. ACCF funding is provided on a reimbursement-basis only. 

PDF icon FY24 ACCF Companion FAQ

PDF icon Fiscal Year 2024 ACCF Schedule

Please note that the Fiscal Year 2024 ACCF application period has closed. It was open from June 1 - June 30, 2023. Please consider joining our mailing list by completing the form on the right side of this page. 

Please note that the FY24 Community, Projects, Programs, and Services (CPPS) funding awards have also been announced. 


The Fiscal Year 2024 ACCF City Council Allocations application period is now closed. It was open from June 30 - July 17, 2023. 

Who can apply?

Nonprofit organizations with a legally tax-exempt status and public agencies that represent the goals of the Arts, Culture, and Community Festivals funding program as identified in Council Policy 100-23.

Did your organization apply for or receive a grant funded by TOT?

Organizations that have applied for or received a Fiscal Year 2024 grant funded by TOT are ineligible to apply for the Council Office ACCF Funding Program, with an exception for CCSD and OSP award recipients (see below). However, TOT grant applicants and recipients are eligible to apply for the Community Projects, Programs, & Services (CPPS) funding program. 

Did your organization receive a CCSD or OSP award?

Organizations that have been awarded a Fiscal Year 2024 Commission for Arts and Culture Organizational Support Program (OSP) or Creative Communities San Diego (CCSD) award are still eligible to receive Council Office ACCF funding allocations. These awards act as amendments to existing CCSD/OSP Agreements, and should your organization be granted an ACCF City Council award, the funds must be used for the same purpose(s) as outlined in the CCSD/OSP Agreement. Contract amendments are administered by the Commission for Arts and Culture once confirmed by our office. Please complete the abbreviated application if you fall into this category. 

FY24 CCSD Awards

FY24 OSP Awards

Did your organization apply for FY24 CPPS?

Organizations are eligible to receive both CPPS and ACCF awards in a given fiscal year, as CPPS is not funded by TOT. Please note that while the CPPS process has recently been changed, the ACCF process remains the same at this time. 


A complete application consists of the following:

1. ACCF Application

Full Application (without CCSD/OSP award)

Abbreviated Application (with CCSD/OSP award)

2. Proof of Nonprofit Status (IRS)

3. Proof of good standing with the CA Secretary of State

4. Proof of good standing with the CA Attorney General

5. IRS Form 990, 990EZ, or 990N

6. Certification for a Drug Free Workplace

7. EOC Workforce Report

8. IRS Form W-9


Council Administration will evaluate the strength of each applicant’s ability to manage a City contract using the information provided in the application. Each applicant is assigned one of two grades: 1) Qualified, or 2) Not Qualified. Funding allocations may be recommended by a Council Office based on further review. Not all qualified applicants will receive funding. Funding allocations are made at the discretion of Council Offices and may be canceled at any time.

Your funding application will be sent via Seamless Docs to our inbox at Your will receive a confirmation email from Seamless Docs once your application has been submitted.

Applicants are encouraged to submit applications and required documentation in advance of the deadline to correct potential errors. Applications are evaluated based on their completeness and fulfillment of City of San Diego contracting requirements.

FY24 ACCF Overview Video

FY24 ACCF Overview PowerPoint

*Please note that the dates used for the application period in these resources may be incorrect. It will be open from June 30 to July 17, 2023. 

Funding Allocations

For questions, please email or contact Council Administration directly.

Council Administration                          Abigail Edwards                                   Malachi Bielecki                      
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FY24 CPPS & ACCF Council Office Representatives

Please click here to find out which Council District your organization is located in.