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Bay Park & Bay Ho

Annual Clairemont Family Day
Clairemont Hilltoppers Little League Opening Day
Clairemont’s National Night Out Against Crime with U-Jam)

(Photos from Left to right; Annual Clairemont Family Day, Clairemont Hilltoppers Little League Opening Day and Clairemont’s National Night Out Against Crime with U-Jam)

Clairemont began as a development in 1950 by locals Lou Burgener and Carlos Tavares, as a tract-home community on what was then called Morena Mesa, later naming it after Carlos’ wife, Claire.  Clairemont’s planning and design was a master planned series of neighborhoods that included curvilinear streets, landscaping, shopping centers, schools, parks, churches, and other amenities. In the Second City Council District, Western Clairemont, includes the neighborhoods of Bay Ho and Bay Park, and is a thriving community developed during the post-World War II housing boom. Considered innovative at the time, developers abandoned a more traditional gridded blocks and streets, in favor of cul-de-sacs and meandering streets. Today Clairemont is home to a wide variety of residences and businesses.

Clairemont's nighborhoods of Bay Park & Bay Ho provide a unique character, defined by both its neighborhoods and its natural resources. With three of the City's open space parks (Rose Canyon, Marian Bear, and Tecolote Canyon) in or adjacent to Western Clairemont, city life can be quickly left behind for the more serene experience of canyon hikes, wildlife and beautiful Mission Bay.

Below you will find information on community planning and parks organizations, city public safety, local schools and some of Clairemont’s valuable civic organizations.

Community Information

Council Representative

Photo of Marc Schaefer
Marc Schaefer
Council Representative
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (619) 235-5281

Community Meetings

Fire & Police


Senior Center

Parks & Recreation Centers


  • San Diego Unified Schools  
    Clairemont High School
    Marston Middle School
    Whittier Alternative School K-12
    Longfellow Spanish Emersion Magnate School K-8 (Escuela Longfellow)
    Alcott Elementary School
    Bay Park Elementary
    Cadman Elementary School
    Toler Elementary

Community Groups

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