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Past Grand Jurors Association Implementation Board


The Board shall:
(a) Review final Civil Grand Jury Reports and City responses to accepted recommendations.
(b) Begin research and review of the accepted recommendations following a 90-day period after the final City action to accept the recommendations.
(c) Research the actions implemented and the departmental reasons for not implementing any accepted recommendations, and receive and review all departmental final reports.
(d) Review all public documents and departmental information pertaining to the accepted recommendations under review by the Board. In connection with such review, City departments should cooperate with the Board within a reasonable time to provide requested information and reports.
(e) Advise the Mayor and the City Council, on the implementation process by oral and written reports, including but not limited to commendatory, critical, or unfavorable comments.
(f) Provide an annual report to the Mayor and the City Council detailing the activities and findings of the Board.


Appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.


Members shall serve two year terms, and each member shall serve until a successor is duly appointed and confirmed. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms.


The board shall consist of seven members, who shall serve without compensation. Board members shall be residents of the County of San Diego. All members of the Board also shall be members of the Past Grand Jurors Association of San Diego County. No more than two of the seven board members may be from the most recent County Civil Grand Jury.

Governed By

San Diego Municipal Code Section 26.2101 - 26.2103; O-19671

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