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Redistricting Commission


The San Diego City Charter, Section 5, requires that the City be redistricted at least once every 10 years, but no later than nine months after the City receives final federal decennial census information.

Section 5.1 of the Charter sets forth the procedure for redistricting. It calls for creation of a seven-member Redistricting Commission, which has sole and exclusive authority to adopt the City's redistricting plan that sets the boundaries of City Council districts. This year, in response to a vote of the people, the Redistricting Commission will be adding a new Council district and be charged with dividing the City into nine Council districts.


Appointed by the Appointing Authority. The Appointing Authority is comprised of three retired judges of the San Diego Superior Court.


They must serve until the redistricting plan adopted by the Commission becomes effective and any and all legal and referendum challenges have been resolved.


Composed of seven (7) members.

Governed By

City Charter Sections 5 to 5.1; San Diego Municipal Code Sections 27.1401 - 27.1415.

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